Gay or Not: Eat the Cake!

Gay or Not: Eat the Cake!

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560956_423399174366065_1620434923_nThere has been a lot of drama in the cake business recently.

Last month, a lesbian couple requested a cake from Sweet Cakes by Melissa for their wedding in Oregon but got denied. The owner, Aaron Klein, who runs the shop with his wife Melissa, said it was against his Christian beliefs.

Klein refused to service a lesbian wedding but claims he isn’t anti-gay at all. He said, “I’ll sell [gay people] stuff…I’ll talk to them, it’s fine.”

The story resurfaced a few days ago when the woman requesting the cake filed a complaint against Sweet Cakes which sparked a lot of media attention (including Charm City Cakes baker, Duff Goldman announcing he would make the couple a wedding cake for free…stating the whole things is “an injustice involving cake!”)

Clearly Melissa Harms, owner of Sweet Melissa Cakes in California, hadn’t read about the cake catastrophe because when she woke up to hater’s comments and threats on her small business’s Facebook page, she was very confused.

It turns out people had mixed up Harms’ business with the bakery in Oregon and Facebook users had been blasting her with hateful messages. The Klein’s had deactivated their Facebook a month ago due to the influx of rude messages so Harm’s page came up first during a Facebook search.

Once it was clear that the hateful comments were directed at the wrong cake business, Harms started getting a ton of Facebook likes, more than doubling what she started with in just a few days.

Then, our girl Ellen DeGeneres stepped in.

Last October Harms and her three sons ran into Ellen at JC Penny and Ellen took such a liking to the Harms family she invited them onto her show. She gave Harms’ son, Noah, two go-carts for his 10th birthday and then surprised Harms with a $10,000 check because her husband was just laid off his job.

After hearing about the tragedy that struck the Harm’s family once again, Ellen gave Sweet Melissa Cakes a shout out on her website, letting the public know that her bakery is not to be confused with the Oregon bakery.

So, the lesbian couple getting married gets a free cake from Charm City Cakes, Harms’ Facebook page is now booming, and Ellen is still being awesome. Guess lesbians shall have their cake and eat it too after all.



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