Gay Relationships Proven More Stable Than Straight Ones

Gay Relationships Proven More Stable Than Straight Ones

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Photo: Keoki Seu
Photo: Keoki Seu

According to Psychology Today, same-sex relationships are more stable than straight relationships. And gay people end up having “better and longer relationships than their heterosexual counterparts.”

Of the 200 people in the study, 59 percent of the gay couples said they had been in a stable, loving relationship for three or more years and 19 percent admitted to cheating on their partner.

Forty-seven percent of the heterosexual couples said they were in a stable relationship and only 42 percent were in one three years or longer. Fifty percent had divorces and admitted to cheating on their spouse, and two-thirds said they were unhappy with their sex life.

It was discovered that while gay people tended to work longer with their companies, they were less likely to stay in contact with their parents than straight people.

“Clearly, gays and lesbians can have better relationships than their heterosexual counterparts,” Deborah Schurman-Kauflin wrote in the study. “It all depends on the individuals involved. The notion that all gays bounce from lover to lover is bunk. There are many, many committed gays who want nothing more than to live their lives and be with the love of their lives.”



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