Gay Rights Group Spray Paints United Russia Headquarters in Moscow

Gay Rights Group Spray Paints United Russia Headquarters in Moscow

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The words “We cannot be banned” were spray painted on the United Russia party headquarters in Moscow on Sunday evening, according to The Moscow Times.

According to the newspaper:

The activists also painted a rainbow and the same slogan on a Moscow patriarchate building to protest homophobic remarks made by Russian Orthodox Church spokesman Vsevolod Chaplin,Novaya Gazeta reported.

The activists targeted United Russia for its leading role in advancing the highly controversial St. Petersburg law, which would introduce fines for advocating gay and lesbian relationships in the presence of children and for promoting pedophilia. The draft law was approved by city lawmakers in a second reading earlier this month.

The law has drawn outrage among gay rights activists and liberal lawmakers in Russia, as well as condemnation by the international community, including by the U.S. State Department.

Read more of this story here: Rainbow Painted on United Russia HQ.



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