General Information from PrepAway Industry Professionals about the Microsoft 70-473 Certification Exam

General Information from PrepAway Industry Professionals about the Microsoft 70-473 Certification Exam

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Certification exams are designed to evaluate the knowledge and skills of candidates in terms of objectives and domains of the certificate. Exams are the best way to validate that you have the expertise and skills to deliver optimally on a given subject. Unfortunately, passing a test can become a herculean task. If you are a working professional with other responsibilities, squeezing out time to study for the exam can become a difficult thing to do. However, if you want to progress in your rewarding career, you have to go the extra mile to earn a credential, especially if you are in the field of Information Technology. Passing a test requires planning and strategy, and the ability to follow the plan. You have to be ready and dedicated to hard work.

The exam is one of the tests that the students may pass to earn the MCSE certificate. If you are planning to write this exam, the tips highlighted in this certification guide will help boost your chance of success in the test. Before we – PrepAway industry professionals explain how to pass the exam, let us first have a good background understanding of it.

Overview of the Microsoft 70-473 exam

This certification test is designed to assess your professional knowledge and skills in implementing and developing of Cloud data platform solutions. The candidates for this exam should have the expertise in implementing and designing solutions for the Microsoft Azure SQL database and the Microsoft SQL database. The testcontains around 40-60 questions, and you have 120 minutes to complete them. It is crucial to mention that the number of the questions are not fixed and may vary from exam to exam. The format of the questions that you can expect during your test includes multiple-choice questions, pick and drop, chart making, and etc. Thus, you should register for this exam if you desire to validate your skills in implementing and developingthe Microsoft data platform solutions.

Before you register, you need to have at least one-year work experience relating to the scope of the certification exam. Your level of experience and knowledge will significantly improve your chances of success. To register for the test, the individuals are required to pay the sum of $165 as the exam fee. If you don’t pass the test at your first attempt, you can re-take it as many times as you want until you pass it. However, you have to pay the exam fee of $165 every time you take Microsoft 70-473.

Skills measured in the Microsoft 70-473 exam

There are some specific skills that the candidates taking the Microsoft 70-473 exam will be tested on. It is essential to mention that some other topics related to the highlighted exam objectives may be also included in the certification test. The students are advised to go through the major components of the objectives, as well as other relating topics. In preparation for your test, you should develop competence in five core areas. They include designing and implementing security; designing and implementing database solutions for Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Azure SQL database; designing for high availability, scalability, and disaster recovery; monitoring and managing implementation of database in Azure. Each topic area has lists of sub-topics and specific percentage. You should check the certification exam webpage for the details.

Preparation optionsfor the Microsoft 70-473 exam

To pass this exam and earn the MCSE certification, you are required to answer the questions attentively. Of course, this might be a difficult task to achieve success without adequate preparation. Therefore, it is crucial that you dedicate some time to your study and work hard towards your desired score in the exam. In this section, PrepAway experts look at some tips to help you prepare adequately.

  • Get the official exam guide

The official exam guide offers a full detail of everything you need to learn before writing the test. This should be like the map to your success destination. Have it with you whenever you want to study. This will give you a comprehensive idea of what you need to learn. It is recommended that you print it out and as you study each topic, tick it off on the official guide. This will give you a sense of accomplishment and also provide you with a clear view of what you need to do.

  • Get the recommendedPrepAwaystudy materials

You definitely need materials to study for your test, and you have to be deliberate about your choice. You may want to check out Microsoft exam webpage to see the recommended study materials. You can also read reviews about some other non-recommended resources to see if they have helped other people in their exam preparation like reliable PrepAway 70-473 exam braindumps. You may decide to go through the book route. Another option is to take a self-paced training course. There are some other PrepAwayresources that can also help with your preparation, such as blog articles, video courses, practice tests. All of them are available for you.

  • Remain consistent

Understandably, preparing for the Microsoft 70-473 exam can be draining and unexciting but you have to stick to it. Remain focus on your goal and build up your will to succeed. You don’t have to study a long stretch; break your study period in sizeable duration so that you don’t get bored staring at books all day long. Take practice tests, go over the relevant books again and again, and do what you need to ensure you develop your competence in the exam scope.


Passing the Microsoft 70-473 exam can propel your career to your desired level.With the MCSE credential, you can geta high-paid job. You need to ensure you don’t leave any grey area during your preparation. The tips above will help you with your preparation.



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