George Takei: New Musical ‘Allegiance’ is My ‘Legacy Project’

George Takei: New Musical ‘Allegiance’ is My ‘Legacy Project’

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George Takei will star in the new musical "Allegiance" and says it's his "legacy."
George Takei will star in the new musical “Allegiance” and says it’s his “legacy.”

Seventy-seven-year-old Star Trek icon George Takei is heading to Broadway to star in the musical Allegiance.

“It is absolutely thrilling,” Takei said. “I consider this production my legacy project.”

The outspoken LGBT advocate will star in the “multi-generational tale with two love stories that is framed by a Japanese-American war veteran looking back on his family’s time in a Wyoming camp.”

In May 1942, when Takei was five, soldiers with bayonets marched into his Los Angeles home and ordered his family to leave. Four years later, he and his now-poor family was allowed to return to Skid Row and start over.

His parents “worked their fingers to the bone and got us back on our feet.” They worked enough to buy a three-bedroom house and send all three children to good universities.

“I’m always shocked by the number of people I consider to be well informed who, when I tell them about my childhood and growing up behind barbed-wire fences, they are aghast and shocked,” Takei said. “They’d never heard of it.”

Takei considers his role in the musical a tribute to his parents.

“It’s a kind of lifetime of gratitude coming to fruition,” Takei said. “It’s a very, very personal project.”

This musical will be the first Asian-led cast musical on Broadway since Flower Drum Song which showed over a decade ago.

The show will begin previews on October 6, 2015 and open November 8, 2015.



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