German Lesbian Film ‘Two Mothers’ Sheds Light on Anonymous Babymaking

German Lesbian Film ‘Two Mothers’ Sheds Light on Anonymous Babymaking

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Two Mothers still shot.
Two Mothers still shot.

The German film Two Mothers, out on DVD January 13, focuses on a lesbian couple and their quest to have a child.

Kaja (Sabine Wolf) and her wife Isabella (Karina Plachetka) are looking to have a child without any relationship with the father. They start to look to fertility clinics but are constantly rejected.

Though Germany has legalized “registered life partners” for same-sex couples, marriage has not been legalized and many doctors refuse to help artificially inseminate gay couples.

After finally finding a physician, spending lots of money, and having eleven inseminations, Isa is still not pregnant and the couple decides to buy an at-home impregnation kit and sign onto a sperm donor website.

Many of the candidates want to only ejaculate into Isa, not the jar, or are refusing to help if they can’t be a part of the baby’s life.

With all the drama, Kaja starts to withdraw and Isa blindly agrees to use the sperm of a man who has successfully inseminated 20 other women, even though he insists on seeing his child every three months.

“The movie should appeal to couples in a similar situation or to those curious about the process,” a reviewer writes. “It does not paint a blissful picture, however, and shows the dangers both implicit and explicit to lesbian parenting.”

Both Wolf and Plachetka received acting awards for their role in the movie, and Two Mothers won the FGYO Award for best dialogue at the Berlin International Film Festival in 2013.

Two Mothers will be available on DVD January 13.



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