Beverly Hills Boycott Hotel Over Sultan of Brunei’s Proposed Stoning of Homosexuals

Beverly Hills Boycott Hotel Over Sultan of Brunei’s Proposed Stoning of Homosexuals

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Sultan of BruneiAfter learning the Beverly Hills Hotel’s owner, the Sultan of Brunei, has adopted anti-gay policies, a LGBT advocacy group planning a conference at the hotel has decided to move locations.

The Gill Action Fund was scheduled to host “Winning the Heartland” conference at the Beverly Hills Hotel May 1-4. According to the Washington Blade, the group learned the hotel’s owner is the leader of the Southeast Asian nation Brunei, and has strict anti-gay laws in his country.

The Huffington Post reported that Brueni is allowed to stone people for participating in gay sex. Rape, adultery, sodomy and extramarital sexual relations for Muslims, insulting verses of the Quran and Hadith can also result in a stoning punishment.

The Gill Action Fund, founded by Tim Gill, is one of the largest funders of LGBT equal rights work in the nation. Since being founded in 1994, it has invested more than $259 million in supporting programs and nonprofit organizations across America that have equal rights for all Americans.

After learning about the Sultan owning the Beverly Hills Hotel, the group decided to boycott the hotel and are in search of another location to hold their conference.

“In light of the horrific anti-gay policy approved by the government of Brunei, Gill Action made the decision earlier today to relocate its conference from the Beverly Hills Hotel to another property,” executive director of Gill Action, Kirk Fordham, said.

They are still seeking the return of their deposits.

“We do not tolerate any form of discrimination of any kind,” a statement from The Beverly Hills Hotel said in response to the boycott. “We are also against any law in any other country around the world that punishes people for their religious beliefs, ethnicity, race or sexual orientation. The laws and policies that govern how we run our hotel have nothing to do with the laws that exist in any other country outside of the United States.”

In February, a group called “Dump the Beverly Hills Hotel” was formed to boycott the hotel because of the Sultan’s ties to anti-gay laws.



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