Giorgio Armani to Men: Don’t Dress Homosexual

Giorgio Armani to Men: Don’t Dress Homosexual

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61525139_4140010b65_Giorgio-ArmaniItalian designer  doesn’t care if you are gay, but he doesn’t want you to dress like it.

The 80-year-old told the Sunday Times that, “A homosexual man is a man 100 percent. He does not need to dress homosexual. When homosexuality is exhibited to the extreme – to say, ‘Ah, you know I’m homosexual,’ – that has nothing to do with me. A man has to be a man.”

These comments sparked immediate controversy in the Twitter world.

He also spoke of his preferences on both men and woman’s bodies.

“A small breast does not have to become bigger,” he said. “I don’t like muscle boy. Not too much gym! I like somebody healthy, somebody solid who looks after his body but doesn’t use his muscles too much.”

Armani continued to build heat in the interview when he spoke of an alleged conversation he had  with designer Gianni Versace.

“He [Versace] was talking to me. We were in Rome and we met in the Piazza di Spagna for a fashion event,” he said in the interview. “He was looking at the models and he said to me, ‘I dress sluts. You dress church ladies.’”

Versace’s sister Donatella Versace quickly criticized the designer.

“I find it extremely rude and tasteless that Mr. Armani has once again put words into my brother’s mouth, especially because he is sadly no longer with us to reply…” she said. “When my brother spoke about fashion the only word that ever came from his mouth was glamour. What should be said about my brother is: may Gianni Versace rest in peace.”

Armani is following in the footsteps of another designer, Domenico Dolce of Dolce and Gabbana, who claimed that kids born through IVF are “children of chemistry, synthetic children.”

“I am gay, I cannot have a child,” Dolce had said in March. “Life has a natural course, some things cannot be changed. One is the family.”

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