Girlz MotoCamp Changes Name to She’z Moto Camp

Girlz MotoCamp Changes Name to She’z Moto Camp

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Girls motor race at She’z Moto Camp in Petaluma, California. Photo:
Girls motor race at She’z Moto Camp in Petaluma, California. Photo:

Professional Roadracer Shelina Moreda’s Girlz MotoCamp changed its name to She’z Moto Camp, announced the all-women motorcycle skills school based in Petaluma, California, August 25.

“To me, She’z Moto means she is everything motorcycles, she’s her own person, she’s strong, she’s awesome, and she’s ready to ride. It really encompasses what I think of as a female motorcycle rider,” says Shelina, in She’z Moto Camp’s August 25 news release.

She’z Moto Instructor Heather White agrees, adding, “My first impression of ‘She’z Moto’ is that it sounds like a strong, mature, adventurous challenge. I think it better encompass all ages and makes people who are going to sign up feel that they will be challenged, and pushed to their limits.”

She’z is created out of a contraction of “She is” (she’s) turning the “s” into a “z” and it’s the first three letters of Shelina’s name and is a nickname she’s often called. “She’z Racing” and “She’z Moto” are terms that she’s become partial to and has now adapted to She’z Moto for the camp.

Shelina Moreda, professional roadracer and founder of She’z Moto/Women Fitness Photo
Shelina Moreda/Women Fitness Photo

The announcement came on the date of National Women’s Equality Day, marking the 96 anniversary of U.S. women winning the right to vote, August 26.

The name change reflects the growth of the woman-owned company which was started to help girls and women build confidence and help them grow as riders and is attended, instructed, and operated, primarily by women, according to the release.

To date there have been 20 camps hosted, 129 girlz trained, 30 bikes purchased following the camp, and 54 returning campers, according to the camp’s website.

“You can be a girl no matter what age you are,” says Shelina, pointing out that the company is receiving a positive response from people saying, “‘I love what you are doing!’” and asking “‘Do you have anything like this for adults?’”

“Yes, we teach girls of all ages!” says Shelina. “This name change lets everyone know how we are serious about that.”

Some of the new services the company is launching are single-day sessions called the Juniors Club; the She’z Racing team, corporate days, and invite only “Fun Days.”

“She’z Moto allows us to bring the camps full circle, from learning to ride, to feeding advanced riders into the She’z Racing Team that we are building,” says Rodrigo Funchal, assistant marketing manager of She’z Moto. “The new name defines who we are just by the way it sounds.”

The website’s look and registration process has been updated to reflect the name change and new programs.

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