GLEE: The New Rachel

GLEE: The New Rachel

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Season 4/Episode 1
“The New Rachel”

This episode starts off with the New Directions coming off their Nationals win and now having made it to being the popular kids in school. Sue has had her baby, Robin, and has a new head cheerleader who she refers to as her “head bitch” Kitty. Kitty is living up to her title in taking over the role of insulting just about everyone. When Kurt isn’t busy at his job at the Lima Bean he is prowling the halls of McKinley High until Blaine tells him he’s to go to New York because that’s where he belongs.

Meanwhile Rachel is in New York taking verbal hits from her new alcoholic dance instructor played by Kate Hudson and feeling completely miserable until a new cute guy in her class tells her she’s a star.

There’s a new lunch lady in McKinley who’s daughter Marley tries out for Glee along with hundreds of other kids including Noah Puckerman’s long lost half brother Jake who has a bit of an anger problem. Marley ends up being the one brand new addition to Glee club despite Mr. Schuester attempting to talk Jake into it.

Wade aka Unique has transfered to McKinley to join their glee club and is competing against Blaine, Brittany and Tina in a secret contest in which Artie is the judge to be the “new Rachel”. Blaine gets the gold stamp from Artie despite attempts at bribery and butt-kissing from all. After Marley stands up for her overweight mother to Kitty and the football players who were making fat jokes a line is yet again drawn in the sand between the “cool kids” and the glee kids, prompting Marley and Unique to get their first slushees to the face. In the end Rachel finally breaks down to call Kurt and tell him how miserable she is in New York without him, only to find him standing behind her…and that’s what you missed on GLEE.



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