GOP Billionaire Paul Singer Creates Super PAC to Endorse Marriage Equality and Mitt Romney

GOP Billionaire Paul Singer Creates Super PAC to Endorse Marriage Equality and Mitt Romney

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Paul Singer Supports Mitt Romney (above)

Billionaire hedge fund manager Paul E. Singer, 67, is a marriage equality supporter with the mounted bucks to prove it. Recently, he raised more than $1 million for Marriage Equality New York. The end result of that nationally-publicized campaign: same-sex marriage in the Empire State.

Additionally, The New York Times is reporting that he has supplied nearly $10 million of his own money to gay-rights initiatives, including the same-sex marriage efforts not only in New York but also in New Hampshire and New Jersey.  He was pivotal in rounding up about $250,000 apiece for the Republican state senators in New York whose votes for same-sex marriage provided its margin of victory in the Legislature.

Singer is about to do something that may change the course of the same-sex marriage fight in the United States – forever. He is putting his money where his mouth is – to the tune of $1 million.

The American Unity PAC’s sole purpose will be to inspire Republican candidates to support same-sex marriage, in part by helping them to feel financially shielded from any blowback from well-funded groups that oppose it.  Affectionately dubbed the “super PAC,” this high-stakes campaign is fueled by passion, drive and the greenbacks to withstand government fallout.

Perhaps surprisingly notable: Singer is straight. His son, however, is not. He married his life partner in Massachusetts – a state which legalized gay marriage in 2004.

Singer told The New York Times, “Obviously, the institution of marriage in America has utterly collapsed.” That gay and lesbian couples nonetheless want to wed “is kind of a lovely thing and a cool thing and a wonderful thing,” he added.

Lest readers believe Singer supports President Obama for 2012, it is not so. Singer’s ultimate aim is to see Mitt Romney in the Oval Office.

He shared in the same interview, “I feel very strongly that Obama needs to be fired, and that the Republicans are right on most things. I think it would be naïve of me to take this issue and just upend everything else I believe,” he said. “Because I think we’re making progress.”



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