Greg Louganis and Fiance Johnny Chaillot Are Ready to Make a ‘Splash’

Greg Louganis and Fiance Johnny Chaillot Are Ready to Make a ‘Splash’

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Was7606943Four-time Olympic gold medalist and host of ABC’s Splash, Greg Louganis, has finally found the soulmate he never thought he would.

“I always grew up hearing ‘Oh, your soulmate this and that.’ And I didn’t think it existed,” Lougnais said in an interview with The Backlot in March 2013 about his now-fiance Johnny Chaillot. “I’m having second thoughts about that.”

When the news of Louganis and his partner getting ready to marry got out, Louganis happily tweeted, “It is officially out! Yes, we are getting married! Love my life and love Johnny Chaillot.”

Apparently, Chaillot is nothing like his past partners.

“It’s so funny. Generally, I usually went for opposites. You know, blonde hair, blue-eyed and Johnny, when we first got together, it was like, ‘We look like brothers.’ He has the same skin. The same skin-tone, everything,” Louganis told The Backlot. “I was like, ‘This feels really narcissistic.’ But I also realize the more I fall in love with him the more [I fall] in love with myself.”

When Louganis’s diving career was over in 1994, he revealed he was gay. A year later he announced he was HIV-Positive.

Louganis and Chaillot plan to marry this fall.



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