Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Season 8, Episode 11 (Separation Anxiety)

Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Season 8, Episode 11 (Separation Anxiety)

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After last week’s blood bath and emotional train wreckage, I assumed this week would be another sob story. And, although there were sad moments, it wasn’t nearly as heart wrenching as last week’s episode.

To be perfectly honest, this recap is going to be shorter than my usual recaps considering there were literally two major (if you can even call them that) things going on, as well as, like, two side storylines happening that don’t really need to be detailed very much. Trust me…I know what I’m saying.

The preview emphasized the surgery on the conjoined twins.  Immediately I was like “Holy balls, one of the kids is going to die. That’s so Shonda Rhimes.” But, that’s not exactly what happened. The whole episode was getting ready for this “huge” surgery and planning it just perfectly so that the twins would both survive, but after all of that preparation… it didn’t seem like as much of a big deal as that they made it out to be.

The parents of the twins were stereotypically young (and in lust). The story was that they just happened to have these kids with these big hurdles to jump over. They seemed to really love the kids though, which is good to have as a parent these days… I suppose. There were little bumps along the way: Lexie was the one relaying the progress to them and, for a second, there might have been something drastically wrong once the kids got separated. One of the babies had to give one of their kidneys to the other and for a moment, one wasn’t responding to the shocks to its legs.

Meanwhile, Webber was being a major ball-buster. Since Karev and Arizona were having issues seeing eye to eye on the surgery, Webber snatched the job of turning the twins in surgery…which if done wrong could basically eff everything up. Webber stole his thunder performing it perfectly. Karev was pissed, yet let Webber tell him a sob story in order to get back in the operating room and perform ANOTHER vital part in the surgery. Webber later revealed that Karev should never give up a once in a lifetime opportunity for anyone. No shiz! Dumb Karev.

Teddy is making Cristina tell her about Henry’s surgery over and over again…to the point where I don’t even want to talk about it. I understand that Teddy is going through a rough patch, but to make her relive that day as if she were just trying to catch a mistake on Yang’s part was insulting. After literally telling Teddy the procedure for what seemed like weeks, Teddy accepted that there was nothing she could have done differently. Closure finally, please.

Back on the baby front: both twins came out of it with flying colors, everything working properly. I’m glad they turned out okay, but it was just a major let down in a storyline. It was like ordering an extremely expensive steak, and getting a hamburger from a fast food joint instead.

There was some random Bailey/dude from Off The Map tension…I didn’t even know they were back together until now…well, they are. Ha. Not much else there except that Bailey is finally ready to put a toothbrush in his bathroom! Yippee. And there were some cute Mer-Der-Zola moments. But I’m kind of over them – happy ending all around for the Grey-Shepard clan, I hope.

The episode was an overall disappointment… lacked everything. Maybe I’m being super harsh but…I didn’t feel that ooomf during this ep. Maybe Shonda wanted to shed some light after that downer of an ep from last week. Either way, Grey’s better step up their game next week because I am not impressed!



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