Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Season 8, Episode 13 (If/Then)

Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Season 8, Episode 13 (If/Then)

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I won’t deny it; I was super psyched for the preview of the latest episode ofGrey’s Anatomy. Now I was skeptical, seeing as everyone thought that the musical episode bombed. Well, I can honestly say I loved this episode – even if it was completely uneventful.

It follows all of the doctors in an alternate universe of sorts where Mer-Der are non-existent, Meredith has her mother back (not sick) and married to Richard Webber, and Karev looks like Clark Kent…which was actually quite hilarious.

Owen and Callie are married, with three children…yeah, like that would ever happen. I couldn’t help but think that out of the entire alternate universe episode that these two would NEVER EVER get together. Anyways, we get a glimpse of Owen after returning home from Iraq where he’s been having “episodes”.

Addison is still in Seattle and married to Derek. They are expecting a baby that, uh-oh, isn’t Derek’s! It’s Sloan’s baby. It ends up being a relief seeing as Derek doesn’t even like Addison and is claiming to do everything to keep the marriage working. Yeah, right.

I really hope you’re all following me in this review. I’ll make it brief, seeing as this was more of a fun, non-informative episode.

Bailey has no balls and got her surgery stolen by Ellis Grey, Karev is marrying Meredith and is creepily chipper, April is a bit of a whore (she cheats with Karev), and Yang’s a bitch (no change there). Meredith’s mom has high standards for her that she just can’t seem to live up to and Dr. Webber is supportive of his daughter. Did I miss something? Oh, yeah – he’s black! How does this work in the script? Perhaps since Lexie is a strung out druggie who comes into the hospital claiming there is a sibling in their midst…somewhere… that Meredith’s “real” father is out there, even dead, and Webber just raised Meredith since childhood. It’s all very confusing to the viewer trying to follow along.

Moving on – Meredith realizes that she doesn’t need her mother nagging her to be important, and that she doesn’t want to be anything like her mother…which leads her to Derek at the bar with that famous “just a girl in a bar” line from, like, episode 1 of the series.

Callie and Arizona clearly have the hots for each other, and Hunt is hiding – Teddy his “buddy” – who keeps him grounded from Iraq. Yang has the hots for Hunt and then Bailey mysteriously grows balls! Karev turns back to the man whore that he is, and April breaks down.

It seems the entire episode came full circle and despite having this completely other scenario life, the people who were meant to be together ultimately resurfaced and all was right with the world.

Don’t worry, you won’t be on the alternate universe train for much longer. Next week brings normalcy back to Seattle Grace, whatever that may be, and good news: It’s Valentine’s Day! Nothing can go wrong there…



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