Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Season 8, Episode 4 (Love, Loss and Legacy)

Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Season 8, Episode 4 (Love, Loss and Legacy)

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Another week of Grey’s has come and gone and I’m left with a distinct taste in my mouth… satisfaction.

When I learned that Avery’s mom would be in this episode, I pretty much thought she’d be a raging bitch… but instead, I loved the woman. She’s adorbs, yes I used the word ‘adorbs.’ Why is Avery’s mom in town? Well… she’s at Seattle Grace to perform a revolutionary penis transplant surgery, say that five times fast. Sloan and Jackson (Avery) end up helping with the surgery and Avery is embarrassed by Mama Avery every step of the way, I’m not sure why. She’s a badass in the medical community and despite wanting to scope out Avery’s new hot piece of ass, who conveniently is out of town the same week Mama Avery is in town, she doesn’t do anything too crazy. I understand that Avery feels pressurized by his mother, her extraordinary abilities and the fact that she thinks plastics is a waste of time, but get over it. Grow some balls and stand up to her. Cue Kepner and her sucking again this week.

Kepner is also helping with this penis transplant surgery and, surprise, surprise…she eff’s it up. I’m not entirely sure what she pulled out, but I’m guessing it’s the part of the penis that connects to the body and makes it, like… work? Ha. Clearly I should be a doctor. Not. Well, yeah, Kepner screws up and Sloan suggests a procedure that the ancient Mama Avery has never heard of. Sloan pushes for the innovative procedure to make the transplant a success and has Avery do it. Yay, new penis! Mama Avery finds out Sloan is in love with her son’s girlfriend… awkward.

Meanwhile poor Zola is not doing so hot, seizures and other medical stuff I’m not too knowledgeable about. No surprise that when Mer and Der find out, they are freaked the freak out. Since they have no parental rights over her, they have to stay away…and Arizona does the surgery.

Speaking of Arizona, we haven’t seen much with Calzona lately. Lack luster big time. Perhaps next week will bring some hot scenes. That couple kind of fizzled out, no?

Mer-Der kind of don’t hate each other for a second after this Zola ordeal and, at the end of the night, they sing to her over the phone. Yang is taking care of her with Hunt, but when Hunt sees that Cristina is sort of into taking care of Zola he can’t stand it and leaves. Probably because she aborted their fetus because she didn’t want to be a mother, yet she seems to be awesome at it.

Minor storylines include Teddy and Henry throwing a dinner party, which leads to the break-up of Bailey and the nurse (Eli). I think it’s because she wants to be with that dude from Off The Map… I still can’t be bothered to learn his name. Ha. Mama Avery tells Kepner to get laid, yes please. You need some lovin’ girl. She ends up giving Kepner a little push at the bar after the surgery. Woohoo. Will Kepner become a woman!? Exciting stuff.

All in all, I enjoyed this episode and thought it was pretty awesome. Next week looks STEAMY. Bring on the sex.

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