Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Season 8, Episode 5 (Poker Face)

Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Season 8, Episode 5 (Poker Face)

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I was pretty excited about this episode when I first saw the preview.  It seemed raunchy and fun…something that the show has been lacking lately. But if you were looking to get hot while watching this episode, I’d advise you to find something else… I mean, does anyone remember back in the day, in the earlier episodes of Grey’s Anatomy when the doctors would have regular romps in on-call rooms, elevators or the basement? We need some more of that, and not just miniscule scenes.

Meredith has flocked towards the babies. Surprise, surprise.  Ever since she’s been off Derek’s service she’s been clinging to that maternity wing like a monkey on a cupcake. I completely understand why she’s doing it; she misses Zola and the only way to satisfy her mommy duty appetite is to deliver babies. During one of those deliveries we come to meet one of Mer’s patients, a woman with a brain tumor.

Lexi is now on Derek’s service, and she seems a little high strung. She can’t seem to learn all of Derek’s “quirks” and little miss overachiever is feeling a bit overwhelmed and unworthy. At first Meredith wants her little sister to learn the ins and outs of her husband on her own, but later helps her out.

Another person at Seattle Grace who is frustrated is Calle.  Her wife and her baby daddy are cooking non-stop – with each other. And Callie is not getting any sex. Aw, poor Callie. Mark keeps interrupting the girls right when they are about to get it on. After the whole episode of interruptions, Callie sets the record straight with Mark, telling him that he needs to start having sex again, and Callie gets some alone time with her wife. This scene was refreshing but, my once-favorite couple is still lacking that special spark they had in the beginning. I hope Shonda Rhimes gives them some more screen time, because right now they are just the boring married couple with a newborn.

Onto the sexting.  Now, I’m not a huge fan of Cristina, so the idea of her sexting kind of makes me gag. I really don’t see her as a sexual person, but maybe that’s just my perception. Anyways, she’s non-stop sending the new chief dirty messages… Hunt doesn’t mind at all, until they are in the middle of ravaging each other on the boardroom floor and Richard walks in. Oops! Then, later in the episode when Hunt and Yang try again to have a romp in the on-call room, Webber is in the bunk bed above them. Oops, again!

Hunt is “grading” the fifth year students and, basically, if they get a bad outcome and it tallies up to more than 10, they can kiss their career goodbye. Karev is so obsessed with not getting a bad outcome that he does what he does best and exploits Teddy, so that he can get on an “easy service”.  Well, newsflash Karev, you get a patient who doesn’t want his open heart surgery (because it will leave a scar on his “sexy” body… and I use the term “sexy” loosely – he’s about 70) but wants a more complicated, dangerous procedure.

April is about to crack. Poor thing, no one takes her seriously and it’s starting to get to her. Bailey has recruited her to work on her trial (Dr. Webber’s mice).  Bailey changed the locks so Webber wouldn’t come in and see that the mice aren’t doing so hot. April is super-overloaded with work and trying to get by. She solicits the help of Karev, not sure why she would do that, he’s a douche… and he says “No”. Flat out, “No”. Yang and Meredith laugh at her when she tries to be serious with them. Meredith helps Kepner with Bailey’s trial, and when Bailey finds out, she is pissed, you know, because Mer tainted that other trial and all. But it turns out that Meredith actually helped the trial, cluing in Webber who at the end of the episode sneaks into the mice lab to secretly work on them.

Kepner finally grows a pair and asserts the authority she should have had from the start. She lowers her voice and it makes a big difference. I hope she can keep this up.  She even saddled Karev with night shifts for a week and ends the episode with some drunken flirtage at the bar.

Derek gets the tumor out of the woman’s head – you know, the one that just had a baby.  Pretty extraordinary since the doctors gave her six months to live and said the tumor was inoperable. Meredith knew about the tumor because she had Lexie show it to him, at the end Derek looks like he wants to tell Meredith all about his day (she secretly already knows all about it, but keeps it to herself) they have some raunchy sex instead…How sweet.

Hunt tells Yang that they can’t sext anymore and that he has to be professional.  Come on, professional people can get freaky once in a while, no? Anywho, they seem like they are going to go out to dinner, but opt to go home and have sex there instead.

An episode that I thought would be filled with non-stop sexual encounters proved to be pretty flat. No Avery and Lexie, no Teddy and Henry…no Bailey and that guy from Off The Map. Ha. I’ll cut them some slack and hope for some more rolls in the hay in the future. Until next time, remember to check the room for people and lock the door before engaging in sexual activities.


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