Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Season 8, Episode 6 (Play Ball!)

Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Season 8, Episode 6 (Play Ball!)

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I have been extremely blasé towards Grey’s Anatomy the past few weeks, now I’m not sure if it’s because I’m overstressed, overwhelmed and over-stimulated with all of the new shows on TV these days, but I haven’t gotten that warm and fuzzy feeling from Grey’s in a while… until this episode.  It was thoroughly refreshing to see the quirkiness of each doctor at Seattle Grace Mercy West (SGMW on their softball uniforms). It seems as if most of the characters had a high point in this episode. Despite all of the drama, Chief Hunt gets everyone involved in a softball tournament… now just because they are involved, doesn’t meant they are “involved.” The opening scene is Seattle Grace Mercy West stinking up the field during practice.

Meredith deals with the fall out of Bailey learning she was helping with the clinical trial. Bailey is being a real d-bag, and is oh, so pissed at Mer. Lexie does not like Mark’s new piece of ass, a skankerella from the opposing team. She is blatantly still in love with Mark and poor, adorable Avery sees it. Derek is trying to save the world again, or a patient who has another inoperable tumor, well it’s operable but you can’t get the whole thing out… think again. Derek convinces a skeptical mother that he can get all of her daughter’s tumor and she can live a normal life. Derek is on some sort of “do it big or go home” kick, ever since Zola was taken away.

Speaking of Zola, Karev – the usual d-bag of the episode – was less of a d-bag and more of a hero. After learning from Arizona that child services wants to transfer Zola to another hospital, he spends almost the entire time going to child services and convincing people to give Mer-Der a date in court to plead their case for baby Zola. Henry comes into the hospital because he’s having some issues with that new device of his. Teddy looks like a wreck, worried about her hubby and all. It’s adorbs. Cristina actually steps back and let’s someone else take the lead! Holy cow, it’s the apocalypse. Surgery hog Yang is semi-considerate. Teddy has her perform an angiogram instead of a surgery, but turns into emergency heart surgery. Instead of cutting open the patient herself, Yang handed over the reins to April, who didn’t stink up the joint. Way to go April and Cristina! You both are evolving! Teddy tells Cristina to write a list of surgeries she wants to do… a dream list if you will. Since Teddy has been annoyed with Cristina lately, she’s thrill to find out that Teddy is proud of her and wants to give her a chance to do whatever surgery she wants. How cute.

Thanks to Mama Grey’s nutbox journals, Meredith found out how to fix the problem, and Bailey looks like she’s semi-thankful. Surprise, surprise, Derek saves yet another life! With the help of Lexie, it was bye bye tumor.

It’s the end of the episode and Seattle Grace Mercy West does not look like they are going to be winning any softball games any time soon. They seriously suck. I’m glad they are doctors and not professional athletes. Everyone is kind of nonchalant and totally not playing. Meredith and Bailey are fighting on the field towards the end and then, later, Meredith and Cristina are drunk. It’s pretty priceless. Bailey is yelling at Meredith and Webber has to step in. It seems like he’s the only one who can control these two. Arizona and Callie are smooching in the field. Callie is enthusiastic because she rebuilt a hand for a guy who practically got it minced in an accident. She’s pretty talented. After the game, Mer-Der get a call that they have a date for the hearing! They don’t know Alex helped out. Everyone goes their separate ways.

It seems too good to be true: Mer-Der on the road to happiness, Cristina liberated, Karev less douchey, April more confident, Lexie still lingering for Mark, and Bailey and Meredith working on the trial together. It’s too soon in the season for happiness, so don’t get too used to this Grey’s fans. The calm before the storm, I say. The calm before the storm.







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