Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Season 8, Episode 7 (Heart-Shaped Box)

Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Season 8, Episode 7 (Heart-Shaped Box)

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This episode was a little more laid back than I expected. The preview from last week was all, bam, pow, blood, surgery, life or death! But I really didn’t get too much of that, not that I’m complaining, the calm before the storm is adequate enough, for now…

Meredith and Derek are getting along swimmingly; the opening scene is basically Meredith worried about the hearing and getting Zola back…then Derek consoling her with some heartfelt words and a toss in the hay.

Bailey still has a stick up her ass. She’s being super mean to Meredith, despite Mer’s eagerness to help with the trial. I think Bailey needs to get under a man again—no me gusta grouchier than normal Bailey.

Cue Mama O’Malley. Yep, we’re revisiting some old wounds here, kids. George’s mom comes into the hospital to get some things looked at. We hope it’s nothing serious. Callie is shocked to see Mama O’Malley, yet she seems excited while harboring a look of fright on her face. Confusing, eh? It’s probably because she hopped on the gay train and Mama O’Malley is super religious. When Callie introduces Arizona to Mama O’Malley, Callie says “Dr. Robbins…” not “Here’s my wife, Arizona…” just, Dr. Robbins. My heart broke a little bit for Arizona. She seemed to take it semi-well, though, shrugging it off with a “Goodbye Dr. Torres,” nice and formal. Good girl. Give it right back to her.

Arizona is looking at another candidate for the fellowship. Karev doesn’t seem too happy about it but there’s really nothing he can do seeing as this candidate is pretty talented and Arizona is required to give her a chance. Don’t throw stones at me, but I kind of wanted this new candidate to take a shot at Arizona, in a gay way. I feel like sooner or later we’re going to be faced with another presence in the Calzona relationship. The beauty of conflict: happy endings just don’t boost ratings.

Derek and Lexie have a patient with an aneurism that’s leaking…I think that’s what it was, we’ve already established that I am terrible when it comes to medical terms. The patient is a writer, holler, but she doesn’t want to go into surgery without finishing her book. She babbles to Lexie something about not letting her fans down and yada yada yada. Derek tells Lexie that she has to convince her to do the surgery right away or she will die. Derek is still on his, “No patient left behind kick”…and is planning on saying yes to every patient that has an inoperable something or another going on. Hunt is skeptical and thinks he’s going to ruin his career. Derek doesn’t care much…ever since he lost his Alzheimer’s trial.

Henry is still following Teddy around like a cute puppy, and that’s what Henry thinks he is to Teddy. After watching a surgery done by his smokin’ hot wife (side bar: I’m really starting to like Teddy more and more these days…I’m rooting for her happiness post being in love with Hunt and going up against Yang for his heart). Anyways, yeah, after watching his wife perform surgery and having a steamy encounter in the on-call room, Henry tells Teddy that he wants to go back to school and go into medicine. Teddy immediately shoots him down and says that she doesn’t want to be married to a medical student since it takes FOREVER to become a doctor. Henry says he doesn’t want to waste any more time because not too long ago he merely had three months to live: cue an “Awwwww” in unison.

Mama O’Malley got a botched surgery at another hospital because she was afraid to come to the place where she lost both her son and husband. Before surgery Mama O’Malley asked Meredith about Callie –  if she was happy and that she noticed a wedding ring. Meredith confirmed that she was married, but didn’t say it was to Arizona. Meredith and Bailey perform the surgery and although I thought they’d lose her too on the table (typical Grey’s move), she came out of surgery with flying colors.

Heart in a box seems to be a driving force in this episode, hence the title name. The heart is from a patient that was a donor but then they didn’t need the heart for the other patient because they died. It’s all very foggy, but basically they are keeping this heart hooked up to a machine in a box in a room until it is taken away and put to good use in someone else’s body. Apparently it’s the first of its kind…no more heart on ice. Pretty wild. I wonder if these stories are medically accurate, doubtful. Ha.

Yang made what seems to be a 50-page list of all the surgeries she wants to do. Webber points out to her that these are ordinary surgeries and that she needs to dig deep and find out what surgeries she really wants to do. He guides her to heart in a box where she sits there at a table in front of it calling out the surgery names and if it’s not as cool as a heart in a box, then it gets cut. She narrows it down to a short list of extremely awesome surgeries she wants Teddy, the surgery fairy, to grant.

Meanwhile, Webber has also made a list of surgeries he wants to perform. It seems as if everyone is getting in on the heart in a box action. Avery looks to it for advice on his failing relationship with Lexie. He’s been avoiding surgeries with Mark because he knows that something is going on with Lexie and that she wants to be with Mark.

Lexie is doing all that she can to get her patient into the O.R. She even goes as far as to help type the patient’s book. She seems to get super involved with the story that the patient is writing and when she finds out the ending to the book she goes crazy. In the book the main girl, Kate, has to choose between two men, the safe one and the criminal. Turns out Kate leaves the good one to be with the one she really loves. Seem familiar? Yep, Lexie is in the same situation. She wants to stay with Avery (the safe one) and love him, but she just can’t help that she’s attracted and IN love with the one that is not so good for her (Mark). After the patient’s aneurism bursts and they operate, she wakes up and tells Lexie that Kate can be with the safe one for a few more books before returning to her true love. Foreshadowing? Irony? Probably.

After some deliberation, Avery dumps Lexie and tells her that he needs to focus on his career and not give it up for someone that clearly doesn’t want to be with him. Mark and Avery continue their bromance.

Callie is by Mama O’Malley’s side, holding her hand for when she wakes up from surgery. Mama O’Malley is happy to see her and expresses that she has missed her and all that fun mother-in-law nonsense. Callie looks like she’s constipated and tells her former mother-in-law that she now likes girls…that she’s married to a woman and has a baby. It all came out pretty awkward, but that’s usual for a coming out story, I suppose. I thought Mama O’Malley was going to start spurting verses from the bible but instead the only real thing she heard was “baby,” and wanted to see pictures. She looked content and happy that Callie was happy. Aw, adorbs.

Karev doesn’t have to worry about not getting the fellowship. He overhears the candidate at the bar saying that the trip was a bust and all Dr. Robbins was talking about was some guy who saved kids from Africa. Karev looked proud.

Teddy comes home to find Henry at the sink. She is babbling about the whole medical school thing when he turns around and is coughing up blood, like hardcore. She looks so worried and terrified, I feel bad…for once.

I thought the ep was going to be boring, but it was pretty dynamic. Next week’s promo looks like there is going to be some serious issues in paradise. Will Mer-Der lose Zola for good? Can we finally get some decent Calzona sex scenes? Will Lexie go crawling back to Sloan’s bed? Only time will tell. Until next time…

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  1. My goodness Loretta Devine was silmpy amazing this episode. I’ve never been a fan of Owen, so I’m hoping it does mean the end for his and Christina’s relationship. I’m a fan of Teddy, but only when she’s interacting with Christina I guess. I’d love for their friendship to be explored more, maybe even in an ‘against Owen’ sort of way. I’m hoping the hot streak continues! I’m very intrigued by the What If? idea, looking forward to seeing how it pans out.

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