Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Season 8, Episode 8 (Death and Devastation)

Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Season 8, Episode 8 (Death and Devastation)

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I was super excited for the new episode of Grey’s Anatomy. The preview looked action-packed and I knew something bad was going to happen. I mean, look at the title of the ep, hint hint. This episode isn’t really going to be a play by play like I normally do…seeing as only a few key events took place.

We start the episode with poor Henry all bloody and coughing up his innards. Teddy looks distressed. I’m glad to see that she really loves him and that that whole getting married for insurance thing panned out for the best. She has become one of my favorites, despite her being a total d-bag and telling Henry that he is too old to go to medical school.

Speaking of medical school, while Henry is preparing to go into surgery, yeah… didn’t I tell you he needs some surgery? Well he tells Lexie that he wants to go to medical school and that Teddy shot him down thinking it was idiotic. Lexie was super supportive even before he mentioned Teddy’s apprehension, then she added that this career takes a toll on your love life. Henry brings up Avery, she tells him they aren’t together, then Henry brings up Sloan and Lexie awkwardly says they aren’t together either.

There’s a nice lady who had spinal surgery. Callie is the one in charge of the case, and it turns out Avery assisted in the procedure. Surprise surprise, just when the lady is about to leave with her son and husband something goes horribly wrong and she is rushed into surgery. Looks like the screws that went into her spine were puncturing her heart and she was in very bad shape. It’s all Avery’s fault, he didn’t do the procedure right, and Callie feels guilty because when she was supposed to be overseeing the surgery she was reading a magazine about some celebrity I can’t be bothered to remember that she referenced.

Meredith and Derek are not getting baby Zola back…the hearing was canceled and that is a bad sign supposedly. Meredith just wants to give up and not have any other babies. She’s stern when she tells Derek that Zola was their baby and she doesn’t want another one. Derek looks sad.

Meredith and Karev go to another hospital to pick up a baby that is in bad condition. I’m not really sure what is going on with the baby, I think she was premature or something…it was difficult to listen to the details while my sister and her friends drank wine and discussed how they thought Karev was going to be the one to die. To be honest, when the preview showed that they were in the ambulance and the thing about the oxygen tanks and if they got hit they would blow up, I really thought that Meredith was going to die. They can trick you so good in the previews, mashing it up all out of order and in the context they want in order to get you to watch and the ratings up. Anyways, we figured Mer wouldn’t be the one to die, so there’s the Karev idea. I mean he really doesn’t have any storylines going on despite ruining Mer’s life…so he’s not really needed.

Well, they pick up the baby at the other hospital, and there’s something wrong with her and they try to do some procedures but the hospital sucks the big one and has no supplies. They leave to take her back to Seattle Grace where she can be cared for properly. Oh look, it’s rainy now. The ambulance breaks down. The driver puts some orange cones out so they can hopefully not get hit in the rain and darkness and then ventures out to get some help down the road. He tells Karev and Meredith to get out with the baby. They stay because of the incubator. Karev tells Meredith to get out of the ambulance so if they do get hit they won’t both die. Well, just as that is happening, a car or something crashes into the ambulance and Meredith hits her head and Karev is thrown to the floor. I kept waiting for the BOOM! But nothing. Lame!

Teddy wants Cristina to perform the surgery on Henry. Webber says he can do it, but that he is going to do it the old-fashioned way because he hasn’t done a laser procedure yet and doesn’t want his first one to be on Henry. Teddy insists that Cristina does it. Teddy goes into surgery on the woman who Avery botched during the spinal procedure. Dumbass. They have Cristina do the surgery on Henry but they don’t tell her who it is because they think she will get too nervous and not be able to perform. They cover Henry’s face and give her all the details without disclosing his name. She’s so nonchalant about the surgery and I think if they told her who it was she would have taken her time. Well, Henry dies on the operating table. Everyone is devastated, especially Hunt. Cristina is just going about her business and isn’t affected because  she never knew who it was in the first place. Hunt finally tells Cristina who it is on the table…Cristina breaks down and is royally pissed at Hunt for not telling her.

Hunt goes to tell Teddy the bad news. Um, dumbass number 2, don’t tell her that her husband is dead while she is operating on another patient that is borderline dying. Well, when she asks about Henry and why Hunt’s face looks all worried, he tells her instead that the ambulance got hit with Karev and Mer in it, so everyone’s shaken up, and that Henry’s surgery is over. Everyone tells Hunt to lie to her after Teddy asks him to check on her husband in post-op. He tells Teddy that he’s doing great and yada yada yada. Wow, you should have just not said anything until after she was done…not blatantly lie. So yeah, Teddy is going to HATE everyone after she finds out.

Meredith and Karev get up after being hit and they are all shaken and decide that they need to get out of the ambulance before it blows up. They take the baby out and wrap her up. They open the ambulance doors to find three people lying dead in the road and a car on its side. They look shocked. I bet they feel like shit seeing as they maybe could have helped them if they looked outside after the collision. What a twisted twist Shonda Rhimes, you a-hole, you.

I didn’t really find anything else that happened in this episode relevant. I actually don’t think much else happened since those were the main things going on. It sucks that we have to wait until 2012 to see new episodes. I mean, I think we have to wait until next year…January or something. I hate breaks!  Awesome episode overall – dramatic, shocking, sad. Well done Grey’s, well done.

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