Grey’s Anatomy Season 8 Finale Refresher

Grey’s Anatomy Season 8 Finale Refresher

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20120927-202625.jpgWith the return of Grey’s Anatomy this week, I thought it might be a good idea to do a quick recap of last season’s finale… and oh, what a finale it was…

We last left off with a plane crash, one that rocked us to the core with the undeniable demise of one of the show’s beloved characters, Lexie Grey. Also on board the deteriorated plane were Meredith, Derek, Cristina, Mark, and Arizona. We all had our suspicions that someone would meet their maker thanks to cryptic interviews by the shows writer and creator Shonda Rhimes, but we were never truly prepared for the abrupt death of Lexie! At least, I wasn’t.

Lexie’s last moments were filled with utter despair, as Mark clung to her hand and confessed his undying love to her. Of course, right at the last possible moment you wait to tell her this! Heartbreaking.

Meredith did not take the death lightly, and balled her eyes out at the sight of her fallen sister. Which is understandable, but I was a bit shocked to see her acting like a crazy person. Derek’s hand was stuck in a piece of airplane, yes, stuck. And from the looks of things (after he brutally broke his hand with a rock to be able to remove it from the piece of metal) I don’t see him doing surgeries any time soon.

Throughout most of the episode Cristina wailed about needing to find her other shoe that lay among the debris, somewhere. She seemed to be in a state of shock. Can you blame her? But, despite everything, she went into super doctor cranky pants mode and tried to save everyone who had been injured in the wreckage.

Mark went into a catatonic state, between watching the love of his life die before him, crushed under a plane, and the fact that he himself had internal injuries made his day… not so bright either.

Arizona took the crash like a trooper, although, that injury to her leg seemed pretty gruesome, and the fact that no one on that damn plane paid any attention to her or her injuries kind of makes me think that she will die in the premiere or lose a leg or something. Which is unfortunate seeing as Callie and Arizona just got back on track post car accident and they deserve to be happy!

20120927-202730.jpgHunt and Altman finally talked things over, and she told him that she turned down a chief job at a military medical institution so that she could stay and pick up the pieces since Cristina (who Hunt cheated on) was planning to leave Seattle Grace. The two finally had it out and as a result Hunt fired Altman. We all know that he wanted her to go on and do something that she would be great at, and used the situation as a way to give her that added push. Ben got a surgical internship in Los Angeles and both of them proposed to each other… so, I’m assuming this will be a long distance engagement? Oh boy.

Kepner lost her virginity to Avery and she is now dealing with the fallout of failing her boards and having absolutely no options as a doctor.

Finally at the end, Hunt gets wind that something is very wrong and that his team did not make it to their destination. Oh wow, thanks for finally taking the time to answer the distress signal, Chief!

I’m unclear as to the fate of all of our Seattle Grace doctors, and hope that come Thursday we will find out how and if the rest of the people in the crash managed until help arrived. I’m also curious as to Karev’s deal at John Hopkins, Kepner’s future, as well as the future of everyone else in Seattle Grace. From sources online, it seems that we will not return to the crash site as a continuation of last season’s finale, but that the premiere will take place months after the accident. Also, we’ll be pulling a Glee, and splitting our time between two separate medical facilities, seeing as some if not all of the doctors who survived will be relocating to continue their medical careers. I’m looking forward to seeing how this plays out and can’t wait to see what the scheming Shonda Rhimes is up to this season!

Until Thursday…



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