Hallmark Expands Same-Sex Valentine’s Day Market

Hallmark Expands Same-Sex Valentine’s Day Market

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Hallmark Same-Sex CoupleTwo years ago, Hallmark released their card collection for same-sex Valentine’s Day couples. Last year they added same-sex couples to their “Put Your Heart to Paper” video campaign, and this year they did the same for their “One Card, Many Backstories” campaign.
“Every love story has a backstory, just like every Hallmark card,” their website reads. “This Valentine’s Day, watch as these cute couples all find the right words in the same Hallmark Card.”
The campaign features two real same-sex couples sharing their love stories.
“For me, what’s happened between Jason and I is more than love,” one male said in the commercial of his partner, with whom he has a daughter. “It feels like we’ve connected as a family.”
The campaign also shows a lesbian couple.
“You’re just – you’re my life partner, and, I just, I don’t ever want to know what it’s like to not have that,” Karisia said to her partner, La Paris in the ad.
In 2011, NPR reported that Andre du Broc, former senior writer and chairman of Hallmark’s LGBT employee resource group said, “It’s a little awkward. How do you say ‘I love you, my partner who is a boy and I am a boy also.’ It’s about love and there’s no difference between love between gay people and love between straight people.”



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