Health Beat: Mesothelioma in the Lesbian Community

Health Beat: Mesothelioma in the Lesbian Community

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eb30b80b2ff0083ecd0b470de7444e90fe76e7d719b5124792f8c6_640_lesbianNot many people think of the lesbian community when it comes to mesothelioma. It’s a fact that the majority of mesothelioma sufferers are men, but a sizeable number of women are also diagnosed with the disease. This will likely include many women who identify as being lesbian.

One of the more common variants of the disease that many women can suffer from is pleural mesothelioma. Not enough attention has been given to this disease in any community despite it being fatal in almost all cases.  This variant of the disease is explained in full here.

Here’s some advice for mesothelioma sufferers in the LGBT community.

Remember: Cancers Like Mesothelioma Can Affect Anyone

Some lesbian mesothelioma sufferers report that they felt like they were being punished because of their sexual orientation.

Immediately after diagnosis, it’s common to have anxiety and depression. You need to know that mesothelioma doesn’t discriminate based on sexual orientation.

It can affect anyone of any age, gender and occupation.

Understand that your sexuality has nothing to do with your diagnosis.

Does Your Healthcare Plan Cover You?

If you’re a lesbian with mesothelioma, you may be alarmed to find out that your health care plan doesn’t cover you. A lot of terminal cancer patients enjoy family plans.

Unfortunately, many health care plans still don’t cover those who are in a domestic partnership or unmarried. Lesbians often don’t have access to the health care they need because of this caveat.

Make sure you’re aware of the health care coverage you have after your diagnosis so that you can get the best treatment.

Look for Specialized Support in Your Area

Again, LGBT support for terminal cancer patients is sadly lacking. Look for specialized support in your area for LGBT cancer sufferers.

These are increasing in number and they provide specialized support for people who are a part of this vibrant community. You can even find support via online support groups, which operate all over the country.

Joining a support group is an excellent way of maintaining a positive frame of mind and gaining access to effective alternative cancer therapies.

Bad Experiences with Health Care

One of the most tragic realities of mesothelioma sufferers in the lesbian community is that they face discrimination from health care providers in certain areas of the country.

And discrimination isn’t always the problem. The issue is that health care providers aren’t equipped or trained to deal with members of the LGBT community in general.

This is especially true in areas of the country where the LGBT community is relatively small.

This can increase anxiety and lead to not getting the support needed during this difficult time. That’s why it’s so important to find care aimed specifically at you from the beginning.

Last Word: Mesothelioma and You

As a lesbian, finding the care you need can be tough due to a lack of local support. That’s why you should go out of your way to find support groups and health care providers who can support you.

You should also investigate exactly what your health care plan covers you for. You may not be able to enjoy the same benefits as a married woman or family.

But understand that there is help and support available to you.

Are you currently suffering from mesothelioma as a member of the LGBT community? Comment below, find support and know that you are not alone.



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