How Have Bio-Tech Resources Impacted Our World?

How Have Bio-Tech Resources Impacted Our World?

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Bio-Technical Resources have been instrumental in aiding civilization to grow and expand at the scale that it has in the last century. Without the use of biotechnology, humanity would never have been able to sustain such rapid growth in population and meet the consumption demands of billions around the world.

The History Of Biotechnology

Our ancestors have been using primitive biotechnology methods for over 6,000 years to produce food, medicine, and products that could help improve living conditions.

The making of bread and cheese, for example, is using biotechnology techniques as it harnesses cellular and bio-molecular processes that transform the shape, texture, and taste of food while also helping to preserve it for longer periods of time.

As technology has evolved so have the advancements in bio-technical resources that have helped provide solutions to global crises and have helped humanity thrive and grow. Today, modern biotechnology helps to combat diseases, protects our environments, increases food productivity, provides an alternative energy source, and lead to safer and more efficient industrial manufacturing processes.

How Has Biotechnology Impacted Our World?

Biotechnology is used globally for a variety of purposes including medical research, agricultural development, industrial manufacturing, and environmental testing.

Millions of farmers around the world use biotechnology to help generate larger crop yields and reduce the need for harsh chemicals and pesticides that can eventually destroy the fertility and nutrition present in the soil. Artificially produced crops or genetically modified organisms (GMO) tend to be more nutritious and contain more vitamins than natural seeds and crops in most places around the world.

Without biotechnology, the world would not have been able to sustain the rate of growth it has experienced and all that we see today would not have existed without it. We owe our growth and prosperity to the marvels of biotechnology and this trend is only gaining more and more traction as years go by. In the future, a lot of what we consume and use will be in some way related to the knowledge and techniques derived from biotechnology.

Use Of Bio-Tech Resources

The main uses of biotechnology are in the disciplines of medicine, agriculture, food, and industrial processes. Biotechnology has also proven to be an important science when it comes to developing alternative methods of fuel or energy. Refining and testing technologies to produce bio-fuel is already well underway. Extracting chemicals from renewable biomass can help produce a lot of energy and also reduce greenhouse emissions to better improve air quality.

In the field of medicine, biotechnology has helped produce vaccines and cures to several illnesses and diseases and is widely used in the development of various life-saving drugs. The use of biotechnology has also helped in the manufacturing of precision tools that can detect airborne diseases to better protect humans from the spreading of fatal illnesses.

Most of what we consume and drink today (even water) owes its purity and vitality to biotechnology that helps ensure that all food-related products meet the required safety and quality standards before being fit for human consumption. Biotechnology has played a vital role in increasing crop yields and helping to better preserve food in order to meet the growing demands of our ever-increasing population.



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