How to Create an LGBTQ+ Friendly Venue in Four Easy Steps

How to Create an LGBTQ+ Friendly Venue in Four Easy Steps

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The LGBTQ+ community has gained a lot of mainstream recognition and respect in recent years, but that is not to say that the battle is far from over. It is for this reason that LGBTQ+ friendly venues are so important. Opening one of your own, however, is another matter entirely.

You need to plan well in advance and know how to make your business into a success in order to become the staple your community needs.

That’s why, for those entrepreneurs out there, here is an easy guide on how to create an LGBTQ+ friendly venue in four easy steps.

Create Your Business Plan

Every single business needs to have a strong business plan in order to be a success. Without one, you are opening yourself up to failure. To create this business plan, you will need to research your demographic, where to open your restaurant, what foods are popular, and what your competition is doing. There are so many aspects to consider before opening a restaurant. For example, it is a lot more cost effective to take over a space that was a restaurant beforehand, as it will have all the necessary equipment without the need for serious renovation. The same applies if you want to open a bar or a club. Before you choose one of the venues, however, it is imperative that you know why the previous establishment failed. If they failed because they are in a bad area for a venue to be, then opening your own establishment likely won’t fare any better.

Start First with Your Anti-Harassment Policy

LGBTQ+ need to be safe so that both those in the community and their friends can enjoy the space without worry. As such, it is important that you create a clear and comprehensive anti-harassment policy. It will help your staff know what to look for and, more importantly, how to deal with any untoward behavior of any kind.

Find Your Unique Aesthetic and Branding

Now that you have the structure of your venue in place, it’s time to work out the toppings. Choosing a fun aesthetic and theme will go a long way towards making your venue a hit, especially if it is unique and different to your competitors nearby. Get feedback for your design ideas beforehand so that you can make the necessary tweaks before you set about renovating your new venue space.

To make it more fun and memorable, you will also need to remember your branding. Being a cool looking venue is one thing, but you want people to remember your name as well. You can do this by creating strong and effective branding and placing it where people don’t expect it. You can order personalized wine glasses that either has your logo or something associated with your brand on them, for instance. If you can get your guests to look at your custom wine glasses and admire them or even laugh, then you have already won. Wine glasses with logo are useful not only to give your guests something unexpected but to reinforce your brand. You want your name and your business to be remembered so that your venue can be the hit it deserves to be.

Creating an LGBTQ+ friendly establishment is not just a great business venture, it is also key to bringing the community together and for giving people a space where they can feel safe and be themselves. Whether you are a restaurant, bar, or club, it does not matter, what does matter is that you do all you can to be a success so that you can become the pillar your local community needs.

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