How to Get Yourself Excited for the Rio Olympics – Even If You Don’t Know the Sport

How to Get Yourself Excited for the Rio Olympics – Even If You Don’t Know the Sport

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Rio Olympics 2016
Rio Olympics 2016

The 2016 Summer Olympics are scheduled to begin on August 5 and will run through August 21. Such is the allure of the Olympic games – you wait four years to see them and they’re over in about two weeks. This year, the games are going to be in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil so that’s somewhat of a reason to get excited in and of itself. If an exotic setting, four years of waiting, and the top athletes in the world competing for the Gold isn’t enough to get you excited, try these tips.

1. Have a Summer BBQ Every Day

Summer weather, a delicious barbecue, and a full day of Olympians competing at the highest level combine to make the perfect atmosphere for a summer party. Let’s face it, most of us only like some of the sports shown – it takes a true enthusiast to closely follow every game and athlete – so why not give your guests other ways to entertain themselves other than staying glued to the television screen the whole day? At our house we play BBQ slots – a game in which you take a spin and then eat the food items landed on; it’s a pretty fun way to spice up what would otherwise be the boring process of throwing food on your plate indiscriminately.

2. Pick Your Favourite Athletes

It’s hard to get excited about something if you don’t have anybody to root for in the game. Of course, by default most of us will simply cheer for the athletes of our home countries, but sometimes it’s fun to dig deeper into the storylines. The television producers that direct the Olympic broadcasts do a great job of inserting this type of plot-based drama into the game as it is, but you can take it the next level by doing your own research. When the person you’re going for wins, that makes the games so much more exciting, so pick somebody to make sure you’re not just a neutral onlooker when the games start.

3. Mark Key Events on the Calendar

Another way to get excited about the upcoming Olympic games is to research the schedule and mark the events you’re most looking forward to on your calendar. This will help you avoid accidentally missing what could turn out to be your favorite part of the games. You might even want to use a smartphone app to remind you with a notification when an important event is about to begin.

Anticipation is Everything

Looking at the above tips, it’s clear to see that anticipation plays a huge role in how excited you get about something. For example, if you were to walk in on a football match not knowing who either team was and not having any preference, you’re going to be a lot less excited when someone scores than the people who’ve been waiting for that moment for weeks, months, or even years.



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