How to Remove the Stigma from ‘Frugal’

How to Remove the Stigma from ‘Frugal’

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Those who are frugal have been looked upon with judgmental eyes. People who understand that money doesn’t grow on trees may be criticized for not knowing how to live in the moment, or how to appreciate the finer things in life.

You’ve been chained to saving for too long, and now it is time to remove the stigma from being frugal and learn to embrace it.

Why is it Important to Save?

The first thing you should do to remove the stigma is to redefine the reasons you save. For a long time, a cheapskate was defined as a person with a tendency to be rigid or selfish on gifts or novelty expenses.

In many cases, a frugal person does not spend money on frivolous things simply because they are expensive. Many people choose to be frugal in order to take more control over their finances, and that is something to be proud of.

You may have also heard the myth that people who are cheap don’t know how to have fun. This is simply not the case! There are a lot of fun things to do that cost little to nothing, and it is okay to appreciate things that don’t come with a large price tag. In fact, some of the fondest memories and experiences may be those that are technically priceless.

Someone who is frugal is just an honest person who isn’t spending more than what he or she has. They may not like using credit cards or borrowing money to satisfy a society addicted to consumerism. A frugal person could actually be thinking ahead and anticipating problems that they hope will be solved with good savings and budgeting.

Every cent you save is important, especially in the event of a personal or family emergency. If you come to face an unexpected emergency but haven’t saved enough money yet, don’t despair. There are short-term options you can consider to secure emergency funds in case of an unexpected financial crisis, such as repairs after a car accident. Consider applying for online payday loans with direct lenders to get you the cash you need while you handle this emergency and start saving again. Redefining why you save, why you are frugal, and planning for the unexpected is the key to removing the stigma cheap people unjustly carry around.

Begin Your Fabulous Emancipation From Over-Spending

Okay, so you’ve probably been coaxed into spending a few times. Most frugal people are talked into over-spending every so often, but what non-frugal people fail to understand is that you aren’t against consumption and spending. All you want is to spend wisely and understand the difference between a need and desire.

Desires are frivolous while needs are things you need to live. Separating your purchases this way should make things a lot easier. Furthermore, when you do need to buy something, you can still have what everyone wants as long as you are smart about it. The following are a few ways you can free yourself from over-spending:

Luxury Items

People like to think that a frugal person doesn’t want a designer purse or wallet. People sometimes think a cheap person won’t want a luscious wool and silk scarf from a European designer.

That isn’t necessarily true; it’s just that a frugal person doesn’t want to pay an arm and a leg for anything. People can buy these luxury items at luxury consignment shops where the items are authentic just slightly used.

Product Hunting

There are certain items you always want to have with you, like a certain moisturizer or lip balm. The problem is some of the best items are usually formulated by expensive brands that you find in certain boutiques.

You want to stay away from boutiques because normally they are exclusive and expensive. Remember your favorite products. Write down all the details, like the name, size, and ingredients. Hop online and visit sites like eBay or Amazon where you’ll likely find what you need at a reasonable price.

Ride to Remember

A frugal person can make big purchases from time to time. For example, you could buy a car, and this doesn’t mean it is going to be a rundown vehicle off the streets with who knows how many mechanical issues.

Sure, it doesn’t mean you want to buy the most expensive vehicle out there because those cost a lot, and most new vehicles lose their value rather quickly. What a smart, frugal person like you wants to do is find a good deal somewhere in the middle. You want to buy a Certified Used vehicle you can trust that doesn’t look too used. You still get a car, but you won’t have to spend too much to get it.

Hopefully, these points make it easier to see why being frugal is nothing to be ashamed of but rather something to be proud of and to proselytize.



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