Hundreds of Bulgarians March for Civil Rights

Hundreds of Bulgarians March for Civil Rights

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"Be Proud, Be Different." Sofia Echo
“Be Proud, Be Different.” Sofia Echo

American’s aren’t the only ones upset by Russia’s anti-gay laws.

Several hundred Bulgarian citizens marched for civil rights peacefully through Sofia, Bulgaria. Hundreds of police officers protected the marchers after extremist groups told the group to stop.

Marchers held colorful banners that read things like “To Russia With Love” and chanted slogans urging Russian government to stop the laws that ban the spread of homosexual “propaganda” to minors.

Though Bulgaria joined the European Union in 2007, the LGBT community still faces hostility.

Last year, the fifth annual Pride in Sofia was forced to be called off for violence.

Father Evgeni Yanakiev of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church, the most predominant church in Bulgaria said, “Our whole society must in every possible way oppose the gay parade that is being planned. For this reason today I appeal to all those who consider themselves Christians and Bulgarians. Throwing stones at gays is an appropriate way.”



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