Hunter Valentine Explodes into the Mainstream with ‘Collide & Conquer’

Hunter Valentine Explodes into the Mainstream with ‘Collide & Conquer’

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20120929-154145.jpgThree seems to be Hunter Valentine‘s lucky number! Coming straight out of Season 3 of Showtime’s hit reality series The Real L Word into the release of their third studio album, “Collide & Conquer” (available October 23, 2012 via Megaforce/Sony), no one can deny the momentum behind the all-female trio.

For a little background, the group formed after underaged Kiyomi McCloskey (lead vocals/guitar) met drummer Laura Petracca in a crowded bar in their hometown of Toronto, Ontario. The two quickly forged an unbreakable bond over cheap beer and whiskey. Eight years later with two studio albums behind them, the band has grown into a veritable powerhouse that tours 200-plus dates per year around the world. The newest addition is bassist Veronica “Vero” Sanchez.

The band has teamed up with famed Canadian producer and Treble Charger frontman Greig Nori for “Collide & Conquer.” Best known for his hit-making influence on Sum 41 and Iggy Pop, Nori proved to be exactly what Hunter Valentine needed to hone their skills and craft a new record that packs a serious punch.

From the first terse guitar notes and fiercely whispered vocals of album opener “Liar, Liar” to the bold rock ballad of “This Bull Rides Tonight” to the undeniably catchy yet gritty chorus of “Nowhere to Run,” it’s evident just how far Hunter Valentine has come with this release. All 11 tracks on “Collide & Conquer” burst with their distinctive, intense melodies and showcase a band who’s finally arrived, all grown up and ready to explode into the mainstream.

The band will play a six-week North American tour in support of “Collide & Conquer.”



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