Iggy Azalea: ‘I’m Not a Fake Lesbian’

Iggy Azalea: ‘I’m Not a Fake Lesbian’

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Iggy-AzaleaIggy Azalea is the first to say she isn’t a “fake lesbian,” or a lesbian at all. But she does, however, consider herself a drag queen.

“I always call myself a drag queen,” the 23-year-old Australian rapper, whose real name is Amethyst Amelia Kelly, said in an interview with Pride Source. “My hairdresser always says, ‘You’re a big drag queen. You’re in drag makeup, drag hair…’ And it’s true! I can’t help it!”

Though Azalea sings songs about women and wears heavy drag makeup, she wants to make sure her listeners know she isn’t a “fake bisexual,” which she said was a huge trend recently.

“I don’t know what that was about,” Azalea said of women acting like they liked women. “Like, ‘I’m such a bisexual woman,’ and I’d be like, ‘but you had boyfriends your whole life; you’re not gay. Why are you pretending to be? What’s with that?’”

It’s not that she doesn’t want people thinking she’s gay, she just doesn’t want people thinking she is acting like a lesbian when she isn’t.

“It wasn’t a, ‘Don’t think I’m gay,’ but more of a ‘Hey I’m not a fake lesbian,’” the singer said of her lyrics to Ignorant Art. “Straight’s cool too, you know! It’s almost like gay nowadays is so trendy that people want to be gay and then they don’t. I’m not gay. I love gay people, but I’m straight.”

This, however, doesn’t mean she doesn’t love the LGBT community. She finds herself relating to gay men a lot.

“They get how it’s cheeky or how it’s poking fun, whereas some people can take longer to catch on,” Azalea says of her creativity, which often matches the gay men in her life. “For some reason the gay community seems to be straightaway, like, ‘We get what you’re doing here,’ so I think that’s why I’ve worked and aligned myself with so many gay men more than anyone else.”

As far as creativity goes, Azalea stays as far away from the natural look as possible when it comes to makeup.

“Regular makeup artists don’t even believe in makeup; it’s so f—ing weird to me,” she said. “I see this hierarchy among makeup artists, and with fashion magazines, too, and they’re anti-drag makeup.”

Her makeup artist does do drag makeup as well, which is why Azalea likes her so much.

“It’s heavy and thick and more theatrical – it’s all those things – but just because you go extra on the makeup or you can do it more theatrical don’t mean it can’t look good,” she said. “There’s actually more skill involved in doing a nice contour and a transformation and doing theater makeup or stage makeup. It’s much harder.”

Azalea was worried she wouldn’t be able to find a replacement makeup artist who would love drag makeup as much as her current artist for her tour.

“‘I don’t want one of these usual makeup artists that put makeup on models,’” Azalea said to her hairdresser. “I call it ‘casket ready.’ I don’t need someone who hates makeup that does, like, runway makeup. I said to my hairdresser, ‘Who do you think does the best makeup?’ He said Raja Gemini, so I’m getting Raja Gemini.”

Iggy Azalea’s album The New Classic is out now.



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