Ignite Your Senses: The Blind Cafe’ Visits Seattle

Ignite Your Senses: The Blind Cafe’ Visits Seattle

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Photo: do512blog.com
Photo: do512blog.com

Brian Rocheleau, a musician who goes by the name of Rosh, was inspired to set up a blind café after wandering into one in Reykjavik, Iceland. Rosh explains, “I was on a house concert tour, traveling from home to home performing my original songs in people’s living rooms as a sort of cultural exchange. While I was walking the streets of Reykjavik, I wandered into a blind café. There was a woman at the entrance with laminated cards that had Icelandic words printed in Braille on them. I asked her what the event was about and she told me it was a blind café.”

Rosh was told that all the waiters were blind and that musicians were performing in pitch darkness. The waitress proceeded to tell Rosh that he would use a laminated card to order his coffee by giving it to the blind waiter. Rosh was awestruck and intrigued to say the least! So he purchased a laminated card that had the word “Kaffi,” coffee in Icelandic, on it. Rosh was given a walking stick as he traversed into the darkness. Rosh stumbled a bit before finding a table. He asked, “Are there any extra seats?” The other guests at the table quipped, “We don’t know!” as they burst into laughter. He eventually found a seat and enjoyed a conversation with people he couldn’t see.

The experience had Rosh wondering about the purpose of music – uniting people, just like food does. Over the years, Rosh has been pondering how people in the United States would receive this kind of experience. After careful consideration, thought, and a lot of faith, he created a socially conscious touring blind café. And the response from the public to the critics has been astoundingly positive!

The Blind Café offers a unique experience upon which most of us have not yet embarked. Guests at the The Blind Café will dine on scrumptious fare of vegetarian cuisine, which promises to delight the most discerning palates, served by blind waiters in an ambiance of pitch black darkness. In addition to the array of luxurious dining inspired by flavors from around the world, guests will indulge their ears to live music by Rosh & One Eye Glass Broken. This is an opportunity for the community to connect, learn and grow in togetherness.

The Blind Café is a mystique charity event that travels around the country. This entrancing experience is coming to Seattle on April 25-27, 2013.

The Blind Café project founder Brian (Rosh) Rocheleau admits that he feels, “really blessed to share the Blind Café. It’s this amazing experience, where we create a space and help people explore their boundaries and perceptions. What comes out is unique for each guest, but it’s often powerful stuff!” In 2010, The Blind Café was awarded the prestigious Boulder County Arts Alliance’s Addison Mini-Grant.


The Blind Café has been busy traveling across the U.S. to places including Austin, Boulder, Portland, Cincinnati, Aspen, and others. In fall 2013, The Blind Café is scheduled to host an event in San Francisco. Before that, in spring 2013, The Blind Café will take a stab at Seattle. Tickets for the Seattle event can be purchased here.

To volunteer at The Blind Café’ event in Seattle, please call: 425-591-8941

For more information about this charity event, Rosh and “One Eye Glass Broken,” visit The Blind Café.



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