Interesting Facts about LGBT People to Increase Self-Consciousness

Interesting Facts about LGBT People to Increase Self-Consciousness

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eb31b10a2af4043ecd0b470de7444e90fe76e7d51ab4144096f5c7_640_factsScience is always here to explain to every man the facts and phenomena we usually do not even think about. For instance, why people prefer online dating services to real-life relationships, or why snoring as a child might have been the reason for bad communication skills as an adult. A sexual orientation is not overlooked by researches as well. The question why individuals choose one or another sex and find happiness in those relationships has been of great interest for a long time. And here are the facts they have to help LGBT individuals understand themselves more profoundly.

Eyes know better

Everyone has heard the saying that eyes are a window into the soul. Besides that, eyes are the most reliable marker of a sexual orientation. To be exact, the pupils of eyes are able to define it in case you have some doubts. They tend to become larger when see sexually arousing pictures. That means, pupils of heterosexual men grow in size when see female’s imagery, the pupils of homosexual men react more intensely to the men’s imagery. This info may turn out to be useful at a lesbian dating event. Check out on this study in details here.

Marriage is the recipe for long lives and good health of gays and lesbians

The fact that marriage is very beneficial for heterosexual couples is no news. And it would be quite logical to assume that it is good for gay and lesbians too. Though, science can’t be based on the assumptions. With this in mind, scientists conducted studies and proved it. That is actually one more good argument in favor of the same-sex marriages.

Birth order does not influence the lesbianism development

The Older Brother Effect suggests one of the factors  that have an impact on homosexuality. That factor is the birth order. In other words, the more older brothers a boy has, the higher possibility is that he will introduce a male to the parents on Christmas Eve. Though, lesbians do not fall under this effect. There is no data showing that a large number of older sisters will push a girl to choose lesbianism. Scientists did not find such a correlation and assert that no birth order defines sexual orientation in women. More than that, they came to conclusion that the factors contributing into developing sexual orientation are not the same in men and women.

These facts are more likely to raise questions rather than give answers. They show how complex and multifaceted human nature truly is for all.



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