INTERVIEW: Ham for the Holidays Hilarity with Lisa Koch

INTERVIEW: Ham for the Holidays Hilarity with Lisa Koch

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Peggy Platt and Lisa Koch (L-R)

Dos Fallopia (Lisa Koch and Peggy Platt) figure that because the world is toast soon, it’s a perfect time to roll out some of their very favorite moments from past “Hams.”  Toss in some new tunes and sketches, and “Ham-ageddon” is the place to grab some cheap laughs before Doom (the show is optimistically scheduled after End Times).

Your cheeks will hurt from laughing so ridiculously. Seriously. Envision this: country duo The Spudds spice up Mama’s love life on talk show, “The View from a Double-Wide,” S.B. Tullybuck’s trainees learn the ropes in Barista Boot Camp, lounge lizards The Colonel and Shenille croon on the West Seattle Water Taxi, nonagenarian blues singer The Matrons of Blues whip up a blender full of miracle drink, the tiny Sequim Gay Men’s Chorus sing their hits with Pride, Craft Lady and Sister Mary Agnes offer wedding alternatives at The Nup Shack, and Heartwood Mac will rock out until the world ends!

We picked up the mighty pen to chat with one of the show’s stars – Lisa Koch. Really, there was no other way around it. We had to know more…

If the world ends on December 21, 2012, what will you have packed in your trusty suitcase on December 20, 2012?

A dozen cans of Spam, the last of the Hostess products, and my autographed photo of Phyllis Diller.

One of our favorite moments from Ham is when you don your nun suit (what the heck is that called anyway? Nun suit reminds me too much of an Elvis suit, which would be the opposite of a nun suit…hmmm) and pick up your ruler. Who do you want to slap before the End of Times with that ruler and why?

It’s a habit.  Or Hobbit, for tiny nuns.  Sister Mary Agnes Labia would smack the bejesus out of Donald Trump, Ted Nugent, much of Congress, and the Koch Brothers.  And Miley Cyrus.

Which of your characters would survive a nuclear attack on America and why?

Mama Spudd would survive a nuclear attack because her diet of packaged and fast foods with copious preservatives will come in handy as a nuclear barrier.  Also, her red vinyl skirt will shield her from gamma rays, fallout and debris.  Other characters could shelter under that skirt, as well.

Now that we’ve successfully maintained control of our ovaries and other reproductive organs and options with the re-election of President Barack Obama, what will women fight for in the next four years?

Nothing big.  Just equality.  And control over the remote.

Will there be any returning supporting actors in this installment of Ham? How did you choose the acts that made the cut?

We are lucky to have such a great supporting cast. The wonderful and charming Michael Oaks is returning again this year, and we’re happy to report he’s reprising his Nancy Reagan character.  Our amazing musical director this year is Bruce Hall, and we have worked with him many, many times over the years – Cabaret de Paris, Dos Fallopia concerts, multiple “Hams”.   The acts we chose for “Ham-ageddon” are just some of our favorite sketches and characters over the years, with lots of new songs and material.

Being that Ham is a collaboration with the hilarious Peggy Platt, did you have to fight tooth and nail for a skit you wanted to revisit that she maybe didn’t want to ever see again? How did you resolve this issue (see: ruler)?

Of course, the ruler comes in handy whenever I want to make a point.  Peg and I are great collaborators and comedy partners, and after 20+ years of working together, we  have way too much material.  So sometimes it’s hard to choose from our trunk full of characters.  We’re very happy about this year’s line-up.  And I always win.

What three things do audiences have coming for them when they watch your show this year?

1.  Guffaws
2.  Prizes
3.  Ridiculous parody songs

This year, Sister Mary Agnes and Craft Lady have opened a gay wedding chapel on Capitol Hill called “The Nup Shack”.  70’s lounge lizards The Colonel and Shenille are performing on the West Seattle Water Taxi.  The Matrons of Blues appear on Nancy Reagan’s HSN show.  The Spudds hook Mama up on “The Mating Game”.  And visits from the Sequim Gay Men’s Chorus, Heartwood Mac, and the barristas at S.B. Tullybuck’s.  Happy Hammy Holidays!

Purchase your tickets for Ham for the Holidays: Ham-ageddon!

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