INTERVIEW: Leslie Jordan Loves His Dancing Queens

INTERVIEW: Leslie Jordan Loves His Dancing Queens

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SMC-home_2013SPRLeslie Jordan has a confession. He has a crush on someone at Flying House Productions. “Frank Stilwagner’s partner is so cute. But I would never do that, no. They seem like a happy pair. He is a masseuse,” he told me. When I asked him if he was considering any illegal hand jives like the kind John Travolta has been accused of engaging in at the Beverly Hilton, he coyly replied, “Oh, no. I wouldn’t engage in that sort of hanky panky.”

The reverence for music and comedy sort of – well – fell onto Jordan without much effort. It was “one of the wisest business decisions I’ve ever made – and I didn’t make it.” He added, “I’ve done everything from San Diego to Kansas City to Phoenix and I don’t sing! They [the choruses] always have the same idea: Why don’t you tell a story and we’ll sing about [it]?”

The Emmy Award-winning funny man (Will & Grace, Murphy Brown, Ellen) recently returned from a stint in San Luis Obispo. “It’s a tiny town, but it has a wonderful gay population. They have a grand library and a center you wouldn’t believe. Lesbians run things and gay men decorate things.”

Jordan’s taste for traveling has led his effervescent heart to Seattle this weekend in an ABBA-inspired tour de farce. The show, titled Dancing Queen, runs April 6-7, 2013 at McCaw Hall. He will be joined by the famed Seattle Men’s Chorus for a delightful evening of song and, well, comedy.

“ABBA has such a wealth of songs and there are so many that can be used. You don’t realize it until you sit down and look at the list how many songs they have,” Jordan said.

So, what does the former Chattanooga comedian think about the premise of the show this time around? He shared, “I got the script last evening and I was so tickled, I could barely keep my head up!”

One thing he hopes will be different this time around in the Emerald City is that his wallet won’t be stolen. Somehow he even managed to make that story funny.

“I did a show for Seattle before, but there’s something really special about this one. We’re really excited. Last time my wallet got lifted, welcome to Seattle! It happened where the people throw the fish,” he said.

Editor’s Note:  If you find his wallet at Pike Place Market, please send it back to him on the set of Baby Daddy.



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