Italy Vacation: North or South?

Italy Vacation: North or South?

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If you have planned a trip to Italy, the chances are that you are going to have a great time, stuff yourself full of the best foods in the world regardless of where you go, and drink good wine.

To make sure that you have ticked off everything in your travel list and probably have the best time, it’s advisable to do a little research into both north and south regions of Italy and find out what they offer visitors.

These regions have distinct differences based on attractions. Therefore, it’s wise to choose your preferred Italy vacation packages before you board a train from Rome to Venice or any other destination.

Northern Italy

If you have always wanted to see all the quintessential Italian interesting sites such as the canals of Venice and the bustling Milan, the northern region would be a great travel destination. You will also get a chance to visit most famous Italian cities including Florence, Como, Verona, and Pisa.

In case you are romantic at heart, spent some time in Verona. It’s the setting of the Shakespeare’s famous Romeo and Juliet. You may also visit the ancient (14th century) resident with a tiny balcony that was Juliet’s home.

The Tuscany region is also found in the northern region, with the stunning, walkable city of Florence being its capital. If you’re an art lover, you will enjoy the Tuscany region for its Renaissance art and architecture. In fact, it’s in this region that Michelangelo’s David statue is placed. It’s also a place where any visitor can soak in vistas of an outstanding Italian countryside while sipping a local vino.

Como is a beautiful village set on a lake in Italy’s north region. The village is so picturesque, featuring narrow village streets and is a popular area for destination weddings. Besides, the area creates a spectacular, otherworldly site for great photographs.

Southern Italy

If you want to experience Italy’s traditional village setting, food like Nonna used to prepare, and a slower life pace, southern region in Italy may be a great option for you. Here, you will have the opportunity to view ancient relics that are evidence of what turned Italy into such an amazing culture as compared to Spanish, Roman, and Norman.

The southern region is also a great playground with its glittering coastal villages and rugged mountains. The UNESCO deems the Amalfi Coast as a great example of the Mediterranean landscape. It’s perfect for cruising. You can also consider stopping at tiny villages where you can learn about the old way of life.

Do you love ancient history? The vast Pompeii archeological site will boggle your mind. It was once a thriving and highly sophisticated Roman City. Unfortunately, it was buried with the catastrophic Mount Vesuvius eruption. Today, visiting this area is like taking a step back in time, an excellent reminder of the force of Mother Nature.

Learning more about the Northern and Southern Italy regions makes it easier for you to choose the right travel destination in Italy.



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