James Franco, Keegan Allen Cuddle Shirtless in Bed

James Franco, Keegan Allen Cuddle Shirtless in Bed

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1398358917_james-franco-keegan-allen-467James Franco is using his knowledge to help out the youth. His selfie knowledge, that is.

The actor, 34, taught Pretty Little Liars’ Keegan Allen, 24, that in order to take a good selfie, the two must be shirtless and snuggling.

Franco posted the picture of the two doing just that on Instagram with the caption, “BED SELFIE WITH KEEGAN ALLEN!!!!!! TIME TO GO NUTS!!!!”

Allen also posted the picture of the two guys cuddling, saying, “Loved seeing Of Mice and Men. And [James Franco] showed me how to do a proper bed selfie.”

Franco and Allen are working on two upcoming films, The Sound and the Fury and Bukowski.

Franco wore a few more clothes in another recent Instagram photo of the actor in a grey T-shirt and tight white briefs. He is holding his own book, Palo Alto, with a caption that read, “UNDERWEAR SHOT – NEW BOOK EDITION – PALO ALTO – CHECK IT OUT – AWESOME PINK COVER.”

Franco even took his artistic eye a step further than Instagram selfies this week and actually did some painting as well. He took to painting his friend and actor Seth Rogen, naked.

“There is an innocence and purity in Rogen’s submissive posturing, coupled with contradictory sexuality,” the Huffington Post writes. “Almost as violently clashing as the reds and blues, we see an unconstrained duality of power and weakness pictured here. There is a blaring shame, cleverly juxtaposed with pride.”

According to Franco’s twitter, there will be more Seth Rogen paintings to come!



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