JC Penney Mother’s Day Ad Sparks One Million Moms Campaign

JC Penney Mother’s Day Ad Sparks One Million Moms Campaign

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JC Penney May Catalog

One Million Moms has taken objection to a new JC Penney advertisement promoting the store’s Mother’s Day specials. The ad features “Wendi and her partner Maggie and daughters” on pages 10-11 in JCP’s May catalog.

Here is the objection plea in its entirety on the One Million Moms website:

Don’t Count Your JCP Chickens Before They Hatch

JC Penney has laid low in the month of April by airing two different commercials that portrayed them as remaining neutral in the cultural war. Even though JCP seemed to have changed their approach, their May catalog shows they are making a strong effort otherwise. On pages ten and eleven, under the title “Freedom of Expression,” you’ll find “Wendi and her partner Maggie and daughters” and again “Wendi, daughters Raven and Clover, and partner Maggie” in text. In the picture both women are wearing wedding bands.

Families who once supported JCP and hold open store credit cards or are on their mailing list received the May catalog yesterday. Today, customers are able to view the May catalog online on the JC Penney website under May books.

OMM has so many issues to cover we had no choice but to move on earlier in the year but have decided to revisit this issue and speak out again. It is obvious that JCP would rather take sides than remain neutral. JCP will hear from the other side so they need to hear from us as well.

Last time OMM contacted JC Penney store managers, we were brushed off. Some even experienced in person the store manager saying “Thank you” and walking off while their customer and our concerned members were in mid-sentence. OMM has been told that JCP corporate office told store managers to say “Thank you” and then walk away. If they want our business, then we will not be ignored!

The store managers are the ones who can communicate to corporate for their customers. Managers will not want to be in the middle so when we politely express our concern to them, they should realize that they are the ones taking all the complaints and corporate is not having to answer for the decisions they are making. Managers will pass along customers’ frustrations, and their own, to corporate because they will likely get tired of their game. Managers will also have to answer to corporate for the loss in sales from traditional families, so we will give them the proof they need to back this up when we tell them we will no longer be able to shop with them until they take a neutral stand.

One Million Moms is an anti-gay organization backed by the American Family Association, American Family Radio, the American Family Association Journal, and One News Now.

Southern Poverty Law Center classified the American Family Association as an anti-gay group on their Winter 2010 list.



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  1. Let’s show our support for JC Pennyes and do a little shopping. Or a lot of shopping… and sign up for a credit card.

  2. Kimberly Warner

    Million Moms seriously needs to rethink, recount and rename their group… JCPenney has and will continue to have my support. JCP is showing they are progressive and supports All American Families, unlike Million moms who by the way has what something like 53,000 bigots, I mean members.


    One Open Minded Mom

  3. I am so proud of JCPenney! I think one of the first credit cards I ever owned was that one because it was the biggest store in Anchorage, Alaska. That was a long time ago, but I will be sure to be using that card over and over again. This is just a note from one of the Moms who supports and loves her gay son. He will make a great dad some day…hmm maybe he can pose for a Father’s Day picture in the future..hope so.

  4. Kim Yaussy Albright

    Good for JCPenney! Here’s one Christian mom with gay family members and friends who will be continuing her shopping at JCPenney!

  5. I just went and opened a JCP account!

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