Jennifer Lopez ‘Fosters’ A New Modern Family

Jennifer Lopez ‘Fosters’ A New Modern Family

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the-fostersJennifer Lopez is getting ready to promote the premiere of the ABC Family comedy-drama she is producing, The Fosters.

The show is “about two women raising a ‘21st century,’ multiethnic mix of foster and biological kids,” according to Huffington Post.

Jake T. Austin, who plays a foster son to the lesbian couple, says the show is very current.

“It’s very timely and it’s something that’s needed, especially on a platform like ABC,” he told E! Online. “The thing is, it’s a family show and it’s relatable. It’s not targeting any demographic. We’re just trying to tell a story and to appeal to a mixed crowd.”

Reports speculate that Lopez won’t stay behind the scenes producing the entire time, but she won’t be on the show right away either.

The Fosters premiers June 3.



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