Jesus Ween Exploits Children for the Lord

Jesus Ween Exploits Children for the Lord

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I first thought it was a joke, but then I learned that on October 31 there is a new movement called Jesus Ween.

Jesus Ween claims it is an alternatives to the pagan celebration know as Halloween.

Is there really a need to exploit children for the message of their Jesus?  I say “their Jesus” because I am pretty sure it would never be acceptable to ask a child to knock on someone’s door and hand them a bible when they are expecting a child to ask for candy.

Here’s what the website had to say about how children will benefit, with a few of my notes.

Fun experience for kids: The children coming out (interesting use of words) to give the bibles will do it with excitement (is this an ultimatum?). They will not feel deprived (how do they know this?), as they will be coming out like other kids to give the Word to people. Families will definitely receive them, as it is just natural not to turn a child down (screams of child exploitation). The children will understand from an early age that it is fun to give the Word.

Children don’t understand why all of their friends are going to shops and homes and getting candy, but they are asked to give bibles to unsuspecting homeowners.  I’m sorry, but it does seem like the truest form of propaganda, “Use the children to get our message out”.  I think there was someone in history who demanded children become youth for domination and supremacy; I really don’t see how this differs.



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