Jet City Auxiliary Back Existing Sounders Women Franchise

Jet City Auxiliary Back Existing Sounders Women Franchise

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20121016-222403.jpgIn light of recent news of competing ownership groups, teams, and leagues, uncertainty regarding the future of the women’s game abounds in Seattle. The Jet City Auxiliary wishes the following official statement of support be known:

The allegiance and support of the Jet City Auxiliary lies unwavering and fully behind the existing and thriving franchise known as the Seattle Sounders Women, currently owned by Cliff McElroy, Lane Smith and Mike Jennings.

Women’s soccer has undergone several changes over the last 20 years. Leagues, teams and ownership groups across the country have come, grown, merged, and gone.

A constant throughout these volatile years has been the Seattle Sounders Women. Through ownership changes and mergers, the franchise has consistently weathered the storm. With this stability, support for the club has had a chance to establish itself, grow, and mature in an organic, sustainable way. Ambitious efforts by the front office this past season secured many of world’s top players, increasing awareness and support in our region.

The Jet City Auxiliary became America’s largest independent women’s soccer supporter group this year. Such organized support did not spring up overnight; after four years of hard work and dedication, the vision remains clear: UP THE SOUNDERS WOMEN!!!

For more information about the Jet City Auxiliary, please visit, find them on Facebook, or join them in the West End for matches at Starfire in 2013.

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