Judy Shepard: ‘Hate Crimes Still Exist’

Judy Shepard: ‘Hate Crimes Still Exist’

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The Laramie Project - Lafayette
Photo: Chuck Zovko / Zovko Photographic llc

Matthew Shepard. We all know that name. Another name we have come to know is Judy Shepard – his mother. She is currently taking a position to speak out about The Laramie Project Cycle and the impact that these remarkable plays about her son’s story have had all over the country.

Shepard shared: “[Hate crimes] still exist.  We need to be aware.  And we never want to forget our history.  Our past is what molds us.  And the things that are happening today that are positive are built on the shoulders of people of the past.  In all my travels, I can’t go anyplace where they aren’t doing The Laramie Project.  What I always hear is how transformative it is for the cast, the crew, and the audiences.  It’s really critical to keep this kind of project going, whether it’s about Matt or any sort of social change in history.”



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