Kari Callin Takes Seattle Pride Idol Night 5

Kari Callin Takes Seattle Pride Idol Night 5

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IdolBy Adam McRoberts

Seattle Pride Idol hit the road this week for a special Thursday night edition at The Baltic Room and while it was hot outside, the singers inside were on fire. Each of the contestants had two opportunities to impress the crowd and judges, and not one of the contestants disappointed.

Hosts Olivia LaGarce and Batic Room resident DonnaTella Howe each dazzled with fabulous performances and 2013 Seattle Pride Idol Scott Crawford dropped by to remind the night’s singers what it takes to win Pride Idol with his knockout performance of “Bridge Over Troubled Water.”

Judges Jack Mozie, Michael Allen, Miss Cherry Tart, and Matthew Walsh had the toughest job of the night trying to determine a winner from such an amazing group of talented singers.  The judge’s job was made easier when Kari Callin took the stage and belted out an unbelievable rendition of “Don’t Rain on My Parade” and then followed up with a stunning performance of “Somewhere.” Callin will join the other nightly finalists at the Seattle Pride Idol Finale on June 8 at Neighbours Nightclub.

2014 Seattle Pride Idol – Night 5 Winner – Kari Callin sings Somewhere from Seattle Pride on Vimeo.

Tony James returned for Night 5 and earned a spot in the Wildcard Round with his marvelous performance of “Georgia On My Mind” and “Play That Funky Music.” He’ll take the stage again on June 1 at Neighbours Nightclub. Second runner up was Ryan Hazy. Hazy can sing on another night for a chance at the finals.

2014 Seattle Pride Idol – Night 5 Runner up – Tony James sings Georgia on My Mind from Seattle Pride on Vimeo.

Seattle Pride Idol returns to Neighbours Nightclub Sunday at 8:00 p.m. and will host another mid-week Idol on Wednesday May 7 at The Lobby Bar at 8 p.m.  Complete event information, including scheduling, video of Callin and James’ performances along with highlights from the entire evening, are available at www.seattlepride.org.



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