Kim Kardashian Changes Her Mind, Won’t Boycott Beverly Hills Hotel

Kim Kardashian Changes Her Mind, Won’t Boycott Beverly Hills Hotel

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Though good friends with Beverly Hills Hotel owner and Brunei leader, Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah, reality star Kim Kardashian still joined in on the boycott of the hotel, going so far as to move her bridal shower from the spot on May 10. Now, however, she is changing her mind.

Bolkiah, leader of the Southeast Asian country Brunei, created a new penal code making same-sex relationships, adultery and abortions all punishable by stoning.

Now, Kardashian is having second thoughts about the boycott and took to her personal blog to explain.

“I started to realize that maybe boycotting the hotel isn’t the best solution either,” she wrote. “For a sultan that has 20 billion dollars, this loss of business doesn’t even make a dent in his fortunes. But the hotel staff are being negatively affected every day with the boycott that has gone on for weeks now. We shouldn’t punish the amazing hard-working people who have been so good to us for years!”

“The unjust treatment and violation of rights of the LGBT community around the world is never justified and I will continue to proudly support the LGBT community in every way imaginable,” she continued.

“I hope we can come together and stand up for our beliefs while still making sure good people aren’t wrongfully hurt in the process,” she said. “Boycotting the hotel won’t affect the sultan, just our dear friends who work there.”

However, according to the hotel’s operator, the Dorchester Collection, the jobs, wages and benefits of employees are to be protected during the boycott. The company’s CEO Christopher Cowdray, though, said the opposite and placed blame elsewhere.

“I feel totally unfairly picked on,” Cowdray said. “Your shirt probably comes from a country that has human rights issues.”

He also said that boycotting the hotel would hurt the “local business” and he has no opinion on the Brunei laws.

“The fact is the company’s leadership is talking out of both sides of their mouths, and they’re shamefully using their own employees as human shields to deflect criticism of the Sultan,” Jason Rahlan, global press secretary for the Human Rights Campaign, told the Huffington Post. “Profits from the Sultan’s hotels belong to a regime that could start stoning women and LGBT people as soon as next year, and those profits need to stop.”



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