Kittens Found in Sack on Side of I-90 Are Ready for Adoption

Kittens Found in Sack on Side of I-90 Are Ready for Adoption

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Nearly nine weeks after a construction worker found them in a paper bag on the side of Interstate 90, these five kittens will be available for adoption after overcoming their dramatic odds for survival.

Based on overwhelming public interest, Seattle Humane anticipates a line of potential adopters when the shelter opens at 11 a.m. on Thursday, Sept. 19.

When the kittens — Butch, Patches, Coco, Millhouse, and Moolisa — were found in a paper sack on July 22 and brought to Seattle Humane’s Pet Resource Center for emergency care, animal care staff estimated the pets were no older than 5 days and gave them a 50 percent chance of survival without their mother.

“If you had asked me on that day if I thought all five would survive, I would not have been optimistic,” said Christina Charlton, Foster Program Manager. “I wouldn’t have been surprised if we lost one to two of them, if not more. It’s entirely due to the remarkable work of those foster families that we are at this point where they can all be adopted. Not only are they healthy kittens, but they’re happy kittens.”

The kittens — three boys and two girls — required constant care, including being bottle fed every few hours, regulating their body temperature, and assistance voiding. During their nine weeks in these foster parents’ care, the kittens have interacted with dogs, cats, and children, which means that they are well-rounded and socialized and perfect for just about any home.

“Ideally, they’ll go to a home that’s looking to play with them, socialize them, and cuddle them,” Charlton said.

The kittens will be adopted out on a first-come, first-served basis and can either be adopted individually for $125 or in pairs for a total of $200.



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