Kristen Stewart ‘Gay Pegged’ for Wearing Baseball Cap

Kristen Stewart ‘Gay Pegged’ for Wearing Baseball Cap

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Photo: National Enquirer

Twilight star Kristen Stewart has become a target of the lesbian rumor mill since the beginning of her career, but this week things got a little heated.

According to the National Enquirer, Stewart and Katy Perry’s assistant, Tamra Natisin are dating. How did they come to this conclusion?

A tip from an anonymous “insider” and a picture of Stewart in a backwards hat, both signs of lesbianism, surely.

The insider told the magazine, “They arrived together [at the Hotel Cafe in Hollywood] and spent the entire night talking to each other, ignoring everyone around them. After a few hours they left together.”

Well, if that’s not a blossoming lesbian affair from someone who was just in a long-term relationship with a man, I’m not sure what is.

Natisin may be a lesbian because she’s “very vocal about equality for same-sex couples,” the source said, “and even attended a gay pride rally in the past year.”

So, there you have it: proof that Kristen Stewart has switched teams.

Be sure to tell your friends to stay away from backwards baseball caps and people who support gay marriage or they, too, will be sucked into the lesbian rumor mill.



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