Lake City Business Owner Targeted for Hate Crime

Lake City Business Owner Targeted for Hate Crime

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Co-owner of Emerald City Tattoo and Supply in the Lake City neighborhood of Seattle, Aaron Amundsen, was recently the target of a hate crime.
Amundsen’s business partner, Tony Johns, found a note on Amundsen’s windshield one week after the election.
The note read: “Hey F—-t. We won, so you better watch you’re back. You’re days are numbered. Make America STRAIGHT again to make it GREAT again. You will see you c—ksucker.”
“This is the start of something really ugly,” Johns said he remembered thinking after reading the note. “It broke my heart, it truly broke my heart.”
Amundsen, who said he has never had to hide who he was in his neighborhood, said “it was like someone punched me in the gut…I’ve never experienced something so threatening.”
Jim Ritter, the Seattle Police LGBT liaison, said the malicious harassment is a hate crime.
“It is clearly a threat based on a threat of the victim’s sexual identity,” Ritter said. “It’s pre-meditated and the victim was targeted.”
After the release of the number of hate crimes in Seattle, the incidents against the LGBT community were found to be higher than they were in November, and a few cases referenced the election. However, it’s unclear if the increase was because of actual incidents or simply more reports of the incidents.
“I believe it’s my absolute right as a citizen, and as an upstanding person, to say wait a minute – this is not acceptable and don’t let anyone tell you it is,” Amundsen said.
A Community Awareness Forum was held on hate crimes to address the note at the Lake City Community Center.



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