LAN Hosted LGBT Travel Agents, Tour Operators and Media at IGLTA Convention

LAN Hosted LGBT Travel Agents, Tour Operators and Media at IGLTA Convention

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South America was in the spotlight at this year’s IGLTA Global Convention in Ft. Lauderdale.  LAN did its part to help shine the light on the region, with Carlos Roman, its Miami-based Director of Marketing and Corporate Communications, serving as a guest speaker and by hosting a Sunrise Hospitality Breakfast for conference participants.

This unique networking event allowed guests to meet senior LAN executives, as well as other LGBT leaders in tourism and hospitality, media and the non-profit community to learn more about LAN Airlines and the incredible South American destinations they serve.

Being an active participant at this year’s IGLTA Convention was a wonderful opportunity for LAN to express how the South American region has become increasingly welcoming to LGBT travelers. From the 2012 IGLTA Convention in Florianopolis, Brazil to the upcoming World Cup and Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, South America is where it’s at – and then some.

Approximately 100 travel agents, tour operators, media and other travel industry leaders attended the LAN breakfast, where they were treated to a South American themed meal and had the opportunity to get their photo taken in front of iconic South American backdrops, including Machu Picchu and the moai of Easter Island. Giannis Papagiannopoulos of Antivirus Magazine was the winner of two free tickets to South American courtesy of LAN.

Find out more about LAN and where they travel here!



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