Lasell College Suspends Trip to Uganda Over Anti-Gay Law

Lasell College Suspends Trip to Uganda Over Anti-Gay Law

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Lasell College in Uganda
Photo: Lasell College in Uganda

After a town hall meeting, Lasell College in Newton, Massachusetts has decided to suspend its annual trip to Uganda, partially because of the Anti-Homosexuality Act.

Students and faculty have been traveling to the village Bumwalukani since 2013 to help Ugandan students study for their high school entrance exams.

However, since President Yoweri Museveni signed the Anti-Homosexuality Act which prohibits “aiding and abetting homosexuality,” and can convict those engaging in same-sex acts with life in prison, the school has decided to rethink the trip for next year.

“All the students still wanted to go after discussing the issue,” President of Lasell College, Michael Alexander said. “We decided for last May to let it go with the understanding that this fall we would review it, we would get a report of that trip, we would review the situation.”

After a town hall meeting, Alexander said that there were strong arguments for both sides. Apparently one bisexual woman attended the trip and had no negative experiences.

Regardless, the school decided to cancel next years’ trip because “members of our community who are gay said they would feel diminished or devalued if the institution sponsored a trip to a place that was so openly anti-gay where people are being prosecuted.”

Alexander said that the college would be willing to go again if changes are made.

“There is a possibility if conditions change there,” he said. “We’d be willing to reconsider.”



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