The Latest on the Online Dating Industry

The Latest on the Online Dating Industry

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DatesFor several years now, a lot of people have been fond of using online dating sites to meet potential partners from all over the globe. As of today, there is a plethora of them available and each one is designed to cater to specific tastes and preferences. There are Asian dating sites, religious dating sites, lesbian dating sites, and a lot more.

The number of people who use these sites are continually increasing, so the online dating industry is also evolving in the hopes of providing better service to their users. Let’s run through some of the latest news and updates from each dating site category:

General Dating Sites

General dating sites are those that provide basic virtual dating services and don’t really cater to specific interests. Any person from anywhere around the world can join. The most popular general dating sites include Okcupid, Udate, and PlentyofFish.

These sites are the ones that have the most number of users and are generating the biggest revenue for the last few years. Most of these users are young adults aged 18-24 years old. Statistics show that this is because general dating sites are getting easier to use. Unlike before, they can now easily be accessed through mobile devices and feature an interface that is straightforward and very simple. They have quirky graphics and more vibrant colors that are more appealing to a young person’s eye.

So, the next time you use these sites, don’t be surprised to find a lot of young users!

Religious Dating

Aside from being a dating platform that caters to specific denominations, religious dating sites like eHarmony, JDate, and Muslima now offer more services that people can use together.

The services vary from one site to another, but one thing that is similar about them is that they are all geared towards doing something that people in their denomination would like. For example, Jewish dating site JDate now features a page where members can post upcoming charity events and invite others to join them.

Religious dating sites also boast of a more intelligent matchmaking algorithm than ever before. People who are looking to get married and settle down would definitely not be disappointed in the people that they meet on religious dating sites. In fact, research shows that 5% of Americans who are happily married met their partners through a virtual dating website.

Ethnic or Interracial Dating Sites

Ethnic sites – like TrulyAsian, Japan Cupid, AsianFriendFInder and many others –  offer basic dating services, but cater to those who have specific cultural preferences. A lot of people prefer using them over general dating sites because they are more confident that users share similar preferences.

Because of the huge number of people who use these sites, they have been incorporating advanced features in the hopes of attracting more users. For example, some websites can be translated into several languages, some feature a video profile, while others support more powerful messaging tools, like web cameras.

Political Dating Sites

Political dating sites are fairly new and are still building up their reputation and services. They are meant to help people find partners who share the similar political views as them. Some examples of political dating sites are ConservativesOnly and TrumpSingles.

These sites offer basic dating services and have not yet evolved into several versions, but you can expect more people to be affiliated with sites like these in the next few years. You can expect some improvements, too.

The online dating industry may have come so far already, but they will not stop on improving their services. Hopefully, the next updates that we will look forward to will make the experience better for the users and make them more effective matchmakers



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