Left Shark: Katy Perry’s Unlikely Fashion Statement

Left Shark: Katy Perry’s Unlikely Fashion Statement

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Katy Perry is one of the iconic and sensational artists this world has ever seen. She is known for her booming hits and charismatic character, not to mention numerous awards under her name. Her beauty and sense of fashion also constantly get the media’s attention.

However, during the Super Bowl Halftime Show performance in 2015, it was not only her colorful outfit and electric performance that made the event memorable but the left shark as well. The left shark mascot, the dancer on Perry’s left side, stole the show by going goofy and funny. He decided to march or rather dance to the beat of his own drum. His partner was on-set and organized, but for him, things were not as usual.

The ‘freestyle choreography’ was so hilarious that it immediately went viral on the social media platform, and guess what, the left shark cosplay eventually became a fashion statement for the iconic star.

Brayan Gaw, who is now a hair stylist has since cleared the air and admitted that he somewhat wanted the shark to be like a goofy underdog hence the performance. What else can you do in a 7-foot blue shark costume!

He rehearsed his moves in prior, despite being ‘freestyle’, but then took it to another level while on the stage. The feedback he received was all positive, and to his surprise, he quickly had his fifteen minutes of fame.

Having been officially licensed, the costume is now trending in various online shops as fans rush to have a piece of their own. Obviously, it is unisex and made to look goofy. By being purely polyester, it is also designed to be comfy while in it. It comes in many sizes as well and has a standard blue color.

Due to the ever-growing demand for the costume, legal issues concerning copyright have also been reported at one point. There has been a 3D printed version of the same shark marketed in internet platforms by other entrepreneurs. This got the attention of Katy’s lawyers and resulted to courtroom wrangles. However, after long legal sessions, there was finally an understanding and the issues eventually faded away.

All in all, for the youngsters who want to dance around like they ‘don’t care’ and actually have fun, then this is the ideal outfit to go for. It speaks volume about the goofiness and feeling of celebration. Talk of celebration, it blends in almost any kind of party from victory parties to Halloween.

The official onesie is posted in Katy Perry’s website for everyone to have a sneak peek. It also comes with a t-shirt at a fairly affordable price. Nevertheless, there are quite a number of online stores that also sell and offer free shipping services to their customers.

In conclusion, celebrity fashion trends have always been known to be sophisticated, stylish and generally classy. But for Perry, just like her transformation in the music genre, the onesie fashion statement took the general by surprise but also somehow was liked by many.

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