Lesbian.com Sold to Owners of Wolfe Video and Sweet

Lesbian.com Sold to Owners of Wolfe Video and Sweet

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In an effort to unite and empower lesbians worldwide, a group of Bay Area lesbian entrepreneurs purchased Lesbian.com from current owner Sue Beckwith in a six-figure transaction that ensures the site will remain owned and operated by the community it serves.

“Lesbians all over the world can look forward to a new era of access and empowerment,” said Lesbian.com co-founder and chief executive officer Kathy Wolfe of the rapidly evolving site. Wolfe is founder and president of the successful and groundbreaking LGBT video company Wolfe Video.

Wolfe will operate the site alongside two experienced partners: Maria Lynn, who will serve as chief operating officer of the new site and is president of Wolfe Video; and Shannon Wentworth, who will serve as chief technology officer and is the CEO and founding partner of the lesbian travel company Sweet, coming from a background that includes experience at Care2 and PlanetOut. 

The site’s content will include: postings on upcoming lesbian-themed films; job postings for lesbian-friendly workplaces; a lesbian news roundup; coverage of lesbian-friendly travel; and original writing about the lesbian dating scene.

“We are thrilled to pass the torch to Kathy, Maria, and Shannon. Lesbians all over the world will benefit from the brilliance and creativity these women bring to the work,” Beckwith said. “We’re glad it’s staying in lesbian hands.”

Wolfe agrees, saying of the site: “Our goal is to preserve this URL for future generations as a vibrant hub for lesbian life. Currently, we’re in beta mode to assess this asset and find out what our lesbian visitors want from Lesbian.com,” Wolfe said. “To that end, we encourage visitors to take our survey and tell us more about what they would like to see. We want the site to represent the global lesbian community and bring together the best that we have to offer.”

Presently, the site is showcasing its founding partners’ businesses – Wolfe Video, known for releasing hundreds of LGBT movies for the past 27 years, and Sweet, a lesbian travel company that combines leisure travel with community service.



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